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Melodic Minor Modes
Brett Garsed

In this lesson, Brett shows you how to utilize the melodic minor scale in a minor blues context - a great way to add some interesting ideas to your blues-playing, whether you are into jazz or rock!

14 Apr 2009
rating: 9.6

A conversation with the King Of Heart
Eric Vandenberg

The second part in a series of interviews with german guitar players. This time, I am talking to Abi von Reininghaus. Featuring a bio, soundfiles, an instructional section and more !

06 Dec 2008
rating: 10

Open your Mind
Sven Stichter

Stealing from other guitarists, "reflex-licks'n'riffs", "chromatic swirls"? Sven reincarnates a trio of previously written articles and adds a touch of 'the force'. Read you must.

19 Sep 2006
rating: 8.7

Plans Are NOT Goals
Tom Hess

Most students don't really have any true goals. The problem is, they confuse plans with goals. In their mind, these two ideas are interchangeable, having the same meaning ...

02 Mar 2006
rating: 8.4

Artful Picking
Mike Campese

In this exercise packed guest-column, Mike Campese offers some great right-hand workouts and also reveals some great licks from his upcoming album.

13 Apr 2005
rating: 8.8

Don't forget about songs
Eric Vandenberg

This is not a guide to songwriting as in "How to write a good song in 3 easy steps". Instead Eric focuses on the often neglected subject of song-writing to compliment his technique orientated articles.

02 Mar 2005
rating: 9.2

Creativity and Expression - Part 2
Tom Hess

Encouraged by a lot of questions regarding part 1, Tom takes you through an interesting writing experiment that can be applied to your own songwriting.

10 Jun 2004
rating: 8.3

Creativity and Expression - Part 1
Tom Hess

I can't seem to write songs or improvise at the same level as I can play my guitar. Everything I do sounds stiff, or typical and not very creative or expressive. Am I just not a creative person? Is there anything that I can do about this? ...

24 Mar 2004
rating: 8.1

Why Aren't You a Better Guitarist?
Tom Hess

If you are like most players, you are desiring to become a better guitar player. Through my own experience I have learned a lot on this subject. Here are the twenty concepts you need and the five things to forget ...

30 Jan 2004
rating: 9.7

Originality - When and How
Tom Hess

Is being original a worthy goal to have? I think most people would answer yes (in theory at least). My answer would certainly not be yes or no, but rather maybe. I say maybe, because it always depends on the situation.

17 Sep 2003
rating: 9.4

Becoming the Music
Jamie Andreas

"I want to become the music!", I shouted, after running around the house to let off steam from my excitement. I had just finished a practice/play session, learning the first couple of songs in my new guitar playing life, age 14 ...

18 Aug 2003
rating: 6.5

The Quest For Tone
Eric Vandenberg

What makes a great player so great? Just a bunch of licks? Killer chops? Good Phrasing? Songwriting? Well, all those aspects are part of it, but just as important is Your TONE. Let's try to understand that term and work on our tone

17 Jul 2003
rating: 9.4

Musical Frustration
Tom Hess

Are you musically frustrated with yourself? Are you not the musician that you want to be? I think just about everyone has had these thoughts go through their mind from time to time...

22 May 2003
rating: 9.2

Be Creative !
Eric Vandenberg

Need some ideas on approaching a solo ? Are you stuck in a rut with your soloing ? Well, maybe I can give you some ideas with this article...

30 Oct 2002
rating: 8.4

Natural Talent
Jamie Andreas

A guitarist is by nature an emotional sort of person. I mean, it's such an emotional instrument, I think it attracts people of a highly sensitive nature, who need to learn to play so they can express that emotion, so it doesn't drive them crazy ...

19 Aug 2002
rating: 8.7

How To Not Sound Like Anybody Else (More or Less)...
Wayne Krantz

... in 3 to 5 Miserably Painful Years. A special thanks to Wayne for this article offering some interesting insights, experiences and ideas from this outstanding musician.

07 Apr 2002
rating: 9.2

A Musician's Most Important Skill
Darrin Koltow

It's the one skill you can't do without. It's the skill on which every other skill is built. It's a force that moves mountains, builds skyscrapers, and turns 98-pound weaklings into Arnold Schwarzeneggers. Enough mystery already. What is this skill?

04 Apr 2002
rating: 8.2