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Paganini Caprice #16, Part 3
Mike Campese

Here's part III of Mike's arrangement of "Caprice #16" by Niccolo Paganini, including an explanation of the techniques and concepts used, measure by measure.

28 Nov 2005
rating: 8.8

Paganini Caprice #16, Part 2
Mike Campese

Due to your several requests, Mike Campese shows you even more of Nicolo Paganini's caprice No. 16, using his very own arrangement of the piece.

13 Oct 2004
rating: 8.4

An Etude
Mike Campese

Once again, Mike Campese provides us with a really neat etude he came up with. It uses a host of great musical tools, such as pedaltones etc. So check it out, it's a definite chopbuilder!

05 Mar 2003
rating: 8.4

Paganini Caprice #16
Mike Campese

We asked instrumental guitarist and GIT-graduate Mike Campese to provide an article for us, and he sent in a great guitar-arrangement of Nicolo Paganinis "Caprice #16"... check it out !

08 Jan 2003
rating: 9.1

Picking Etude- The Moto Perpetuo / Perpetual Motion
Eric Vandenberg

OK, after all the theoretical stuff and bunches of exercises regarding picking, lets get to work and play a really cool "etude" which will help us to take our picking up a few notches... the "Moto Perpetuo" by Niccolo Paganini

18 Sep 2002
rating: 9.5