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The Half/Whole Diminished Scale
Chris Juergensen

The half/whole diminished scale is what we call a symmetrical scale, based on a repeating pattern of half and whole step intervals. This article will teach you where to use it and how to build chords and lines utilizing it.

09 Dec 2008
rating: 9

Sweep Picking
Mike Campese

In this lesson, Mike shows you his approach to sweep- and economy picking, as well as demonstrates some very unique exercises and licks, ranging from 3 string- to 6 string-arpeggios.

17 Jul 2006
rating: 8.7

Modal Pentatonics
Eric Vandenberg

Instead of another rant or essay, I talk about something practical once again. In view of several discussions about modes in the forums, I thought I'd talk about modal pentatonics -how to create and apply them as well as what to do with them.

25 Aug 2005
rating: 9

Artful Picking
Mike Campese

In this exercise packed guest-column, Mike Campese offers some great right-hand workouts and also reveals some great licks from his upcoming album.

13 Apr 2005
rating: 8.8

David Bohorquez

Arpeggios are one of the most useful tools for the modern rock improviser. They became popular in the Eighties, as guitarists like Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman and Joe Satriani popped on the scene.

05 Jan 2005
rating: 5.4

Shred Licks
Mike Campese

In his newest lesson for ibreathemusic.com, Mike will show you some really cool shred-licks which will work as both actual licks and "chopbuilders". This lesson includes licks from his songs.

15 Apr 2004
rating: 8.2

Scales Scales Scales (Part 2)
Eric Vandenberg

Here's the second part of my Scales-workout. This time, we'll continue where we left off last time, talk more about modes, and there's a "bonus-section" about 4NPS-scales.

26 Mar 2004
rating: 9.2

Scales Scales Scales (Part 1)
Eric Vandenberg

Ok, let's talk about scales... how to practice and memorize them, how to apply them to the fretboard, and how to come up with and practice patterns.

09 Feb 2004
rating: 9.5

Developing Scale-Patterns
Mike Campese

Another great lesson by instrumental guitarist and MI-graduate Mike Campese. This time, he's gonna show you how to develop scale patterns and sequences. Theres an endless amount of different variations you can do. Check it out!

12 Jan 2004
rating: 8.6

The Workout, Part 3
Eric Vandenberg

In this final episode of the Workout-trilogy, I am gonna show you a bunch of execises you could include into your own personal workout. And I'll show you 5 etudes I came up with while I was practicing...

06 Jan 2004
rating: 9.2

Economy Picking Lesson

I'm sure everyone has heard about economy picking and has seen some neat 'tricks' being done using the technique. I have some examples which show how this technique can be applied in several situations.

02 Oct 2003
rating: 8.3

A Closer Look At Sweep-Picking
Eric Vandenberg

Although I have already written an article about this technique for ibreathe, there still seem to be a lot of questions about the basics of this technique. So let me walk you through the very basics of sweeping once more...

23 Sep 2003
rating: 9.8

Some Shred
Francesco Fareri

In this article Francesco Fareri shows you 3 shred licks to further your picking and left hand skills. Buckle up for some speed licks and finger artistics! ...

15 Apr 2003
rating: 6

Difficult Picking Exercises
James B Schultz

This article was requested after several posts I made on the topic "Difficult Picking Exercises". Working on the things you find difficult is where you are going to achieve the most gain.

15 Nov 2002
rating: 7.8

Mailbag: Picking / Smoothing It Out
Eric Vandenberg

After all the articles on picking, here is a final one focussing on our discussions of picking at the forums and per Email... and introducing the next step

19 Oct 2002
rating: 9.7

Pick Control
Charles H. Chapman

Against popular opinion, searing single note lines are not the hallmark of having great pick technique. To play effectively with a pick you must have control and synchronisation between both right and left hands and be able to mute inside strings ...

09 Oct 2002
rating: 6.5

The Art Of Picking Part 3- Appendix
Eric Vandenberg

OK, this additional ( appendix- ) part of the "Art Of Picking" will give you a bunch of licks focussing on different aspects of alternate picking... so you have a lot of stuff you can practice or base your own exercises on...more licks, less talk

05 Aug 2002
rating: 9.7

The Art Of Picking Part 2
Eric Vandenberg

In this second part of my series about picking, I give away more exercises, describe techniques such as economy-picking, practising in bursts, inside-outside picking and finally give away some advice on how to practise this stuff...

30 Jul 2002
rating: 9.9

The Art Of Picking Part 1
Eric Vandenberg

3 years ago, I wrote several articles about alternate picking and practicing it for guitar4u.com. This is the first part of a completely revised and updated version...

18 Jul 2002
rating: 9.3

2 Picking Exercises
Steve Morse

Here are two more exercises / workouts that Steve gave away a while ago. They were reprinted and commented here with his permission... These will help you to improve both accuracy and picking-technique.

05 Jul 2002
rating: 9.6

Three Guitar-Tips
Steve Morse

Here are three guitar-tips that Steve wrote for the visitors of his website three years ago. Since those posts have been gone for a while, Steve allowed us to present them to you at IbreatheMusic...

27 Apr 2002
rating: 9.2

99 Ways To Pick
Eric Vandenberg

This article deals with different ways of holding your pick and how to find out which one is the best way for you. I also talk about some general attitude-things that might be interesting or even helpful to you...

24 Apr 2002
rating: 8.6

An Introduction To Sweep-Picking V 2.0
Eric Vandenberg

This is an updated version of the older article about sweep-picking that I wrote for Guitar 4U back in 1999. This article is supposed to introduce you to the concept of sweep-picking, and hopefully will help you to understand and learn the technique.

06 Apr 2002
rating: 9.3