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Guitar Ensemble Construction - An Easy Approach
Peter Simms

Interested in recording multiple guitar parts? This easy-to-follow article will help get you started without focusing too much on the theory aspects.

27 Feb 2006
rating: 8.4

Chord Melody Construction - Part 2
Peter Simms

Creating a groove within a chord melody is one of the more difficult challenges you will face but once you get it going, it's one of the more rewarding feelings you will have.

16 Aug 2005
rating: 8.6

Chord Melody Construction - Part 1
Peter Simms

A Chord Melody is an arrangement for one guitar. Part 1 will focus on the essentials of creating a Chord Melody arrangement using the well known Traditional Amazing Grace.

20 Jul 2005
rating: 8.4

Harmony - Chords and Their Symbols Pt.1
Chris Juergensen

Chris demonstrates the usage of chord symbols and the construction of chords as commonly used in contemporary music - triads, sus chords, 7th chords, 6th chords, 9th chords, altered, add 9 and 69 chords. He also includes some very useful tips ...

23 Apr 2004
rating: 9.6

Harmony - Reaching For The Unreachable
Chris Juergensen

I have really small hands but I never knew it. When we compare our hands, without a doubt, mine is the smaller of the two. How come I can get my hands to stretch for those extra notes? I'll show you how I taught myself to do it.

19 Jan 2004
rating: 9.2

White Christmas
Gunharth Randolf

Guitar chord solos are technically challenging. They're a great way to practice chords and involve a lot of arranging techniques. This version of White Christmas will hopefully give you an insight, and perhaps a song to strum this christmas.

11 Dec 2003
rating: 9.4

Here Comes the Sun
Peter Simms

I put together a very easy Chord Melody arrangement of the Beatles tune "Here Comes the Sun". It's for beginning to intermediate students. Think about which fingers to use to play your notes. Common sense will guide you ...

05 Nov 2003
rating: 9.2

An Introduction to Guitar Chord Melodies
Peter Simms

A "Guitar Chord Melody" is a solo guitar arrangement similar to many classical guitar pieces. The term mainly applies to those who assemble songs with "idea" of using the melody and the chords together.

02 Sep 2003
rating: 8.3

All About Chords, part 1
Darrin Koltow

Instead of sitting down with a bunch of boring theory textbooks, how would you like to make *music* as you learn how harmony and chords work on the guitar?

20 Nov 2002
rating: 8.6

Changing Chords
Jamie Andreas

Having a little trouble with those "easy" chords? Many people begin to play the guitar by learning a few chord changes. There are many things to be aware of while doing this. There are many things that can go wrong, and guarantee trouble.

07 Sep 2002
rating: 7.7

Blues Triad Mastery
Darrin Koltow

Blues Triad Mastery is two examples of ii-V-I based chord progressions that illustrate each inversion of three of the four fundamental triad types, using a melody soaked in the Blues.

06 Sep 2002
rating: 9.3

Bret Willmott

"Voice-leading" implies the "smoothest" or least amount of note change from one chord to the next. This would subsequently involve searching for all the "common-tones" between those chords.

27 Jul 2002
rating: 8.4

Finger Friendly Chords
Darrin Koltow

Sometimes your fingers can't make the regular chord shapes, or can't make them fast enough. Finger Friendly Chords solve this problem. They give your fingers a break, your fingers and ears a treat, yet stay faithful to the original chords.

08 Jul 2002
rating: 9.6

Standard Thing
Bret Willmott

This article is an excerpt from Bret's book "Mel Bay's Complete Book of Harmonic Extensions for Guitar". Using a well known Jazz Standard Brett shows you ideas and techniques for three-note voicings used in comping ...

10 Jun 2002
rating: 8.7