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The Half/Whole Diminished Scale
Chris Juergensen

The half/whole diminished scale is what we call a symmetrical scale, based on a repeating pattern of half and whole step intervals. This article will teach you where to use it and how to build chords and lines utilizing it.

09 Dec 2008
rating: 9

Recording and Releasing Your Own CD
Chris Juergensen

Times are perfect for releasing your own CD and this article will give you some ideas on how to record it and what kind of investment it will take.

03 Oct 2005
rating: 8.8

Most of you are totally out of balance?
Tom Hess

Most players are way out of balance and are being held back on a daily basis. Many people are seduced by their strengths and ignore their weaknesses, concentrating on making only the strong areas stronger.

07 Sep 2005
rating: 9.2

Music School 101
Matthew Hill

This is the start to an article series that will provide insight to those considering attending school for music. It shows what is typical of a music majors work load and gives those who are considering music school an idea of what to expect.

14 May 2005
rating: 6.5

Studio Guitarists Survival Guide
Sven Stichter

With several years of studio experience behind him, Sven shares some of his experiences and insight into the world of studios, producers, broken cables, detuned guitars and free pizza.

11 Jan 2005
rating: 9.3

For Love or Money?
Tom Hess

In this article Tom replies to an email he received with some interesting insights for anyone thinking of making a living through his/her art.

19 Aug 2004
rating: 7.8

Music Schools Part 1 - GIT
Eric Vandenberg

Initiated by a forum thread, this is the first in a series of articles about music schools that will give you some personal insight over and above the usual factual information. Here's Eric about the GIT in Los Angeles ...

19 Apr 2004
rating: 9.3

Playing For Life
Chris Juergensen

What is your definition of a successful guitarist? I would answer, one who plays for life. If you love music, and love playing the guitar, wouldn't it be great to play for a living your whole life? ...

18 Feb 2004
rating: 9.1

The Shapes of Things to Come
Chris Juergensen

The record business as we know it is changing into something totally different. I'm going to describe what this means to you and why you should be really, really happy ...

01 Dec 2003
rating: 9.3

Do Not Disturb
Eric Vandenberg

Here's a collection of thoughts about practicing... how to get the most out of your practicing time, practicing methods and strategies, a sample schedule etc.

17 May 2003
rating: 9.2

Stage Fright: Part Three
Jamie Andreas

So far we have seen that Stage Fright is not something that happens to you, it is something you actually do. If Stage Fright is something we DO, I think we can all agree we would rather NOT do it. But how do we not do it? The answer may surprise you.

18 Apr 2003
rating: 9.4

Stage Fright: Part Two
Jamie Andreas

Now that we have this stage fright thing more properly defined as what it really is, that is, People Fright, we are in a position to get some where with it. Many people, including professional performers, never slay this dragon ...

15 Mar 2003
rating: 8.3

Yet another rant: Making It...
Eric Vandenberg

Based on the feedback regarding my "Attitude" rants, I decided to write some more about this topic... about "making it" and other stuff, becoming a professional and more...

06 Mar 2003
rating: 8.5

Stage Fright: Part One
Jamie Andreas

I have suffered every degree of what is called stage fright. I have dealt with, experimented with, and thought about this subject from many different angles, and believe I have come to certain truths concerning it ...

29 Jan 2003
rating: 9.2

One more rant: Attitude
Eric Vandenberg

OK, after I got some positive feedback regarding my "You Didnt Try..." article, here is yet another one dealing with stuff other than scales, licks etc... attitude, which is equally important!

22 Nov 2002
rating: 8.8

Choosing a Teacher
Tom Hess

The electric guitar has advanced far beyond the time when someone could teach himself (or herself) to become a world class player. If your ambition is to become a competent player and a competent musician, you need a competent teacher...

07 Nov 2002
rating: 9.5

The Club Date Guitarist
Bruce Saunders

What, you may ask, is a club date? It isnt always a high profile gig at a happening, swinging club or bar-room. ("Grrrooovy! Dig this, you beatnik you!")...

05 Nov 2002
rating: 9

Teaching by Travel Brochure
Jamie Andreas

Many guitar players, along the course of their lives, become guitar teachers. They are often people who have a good amount of what is called "natural talent".The problem comes when these people start to "guide" others to do the same thing ...

14 Oct 2002
rating: 8.4

You Didn't Try To Call Me...
Eric Vandenberg

After all the licks and exercises here some things you should know about being "in the biz". This should be of interest for most of you, regardless of style and (pretty much) level... just some things to remember and pay attention to.

30 Sep 2002
rating: 8.8

Gig Journal - July 17, 2002
Steve Carter

The second in a series of articles about solo jazz guitar gigs. After each gig I make some notes in my journal, and later rework them, as a learning exercise. In this article I discuss room acoustics, setup, tune choice, audience reaction.

01 Aug 2002
rating: 9.3

Gig Journal - June 1, 2002
Steve Carter

This is the first in a series of articles about my experiences on solo jazz guitar gigs. I discuss room acoustics, set-up, dealing with clients and the audience, tune selection, and details of the performance.

17 Jun 2002
rating: 8.8

Setting Up & Maintaining Your Gear
Eric Vandenberg

Since we had a thread about this at the forums, I decided to write about gear-setup and maintenance. Theres a lot of stuff to talk about, and this might be part 1 of a continuing series. I hope youll find some interesting stuff in this one...

11 May 2002
rating: 9.1

Studio Log II: Tribute To A Master
Eric Vandenberg

This is the second issue of my studio-log. This time, Ill tell you about another session with singer W. Malende. We redid a great song by Curtis Mayfield and I had a chance to pay tribute to one of my heroes...

01 May 2002
rating: 8.8

Studio Log - Part 1 ( V 2.0 )
Eric Vandenberg

An updated version of an article I wrote for Guitar4U last year. It deals with a certain recording session I was involved in and is supposed to give you an idea of how a session might be like sometimes...

22 Apr 2002
rating: 8.5