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Intense Rock II

This is the second instructional video Paul did. I think it was done at the time of the release or tour of Mr. Big's "Lean Into It".

Well, "Intense Rock I" sure was one of the most interesting and informative videos regarding picking and other shred-techniques. This one picks up where IR I stopped.

Paul adds a few exercises and licks to the stuff he talked about in Intensive Rock I, again using variations of his famous 6 note-pattern.

He then talks about dynamics, which is something that isn't discussed in those kinda videos too often.

Then, he shows us the "Terror Death Lick" which is a really cool picking sequence in Gm. When I first heard it I was like "I have heard this before". And indeed, it's part of the a capella guitar solos he played during the Lean Into It-tour (as documented on "Raw Like Sushi II" and the "Mr. Big Live"-video).

And it's not the only lick in this video that he played during his solo. OK, the "Terror Death Lick" is a definite chop builder, that's for sure. I often practice with that one myself. Great stuff.

Next, Paul takes us through some really cool pentatonic licks, incorporating hammer ons and pull offs, and explains how to make up cool sequences.

After that, he talks about arpeggio-licks, demonstrating one of his trademark string skipping-etudes (the one he plays at the end of his guitar-solo on "Raw Like Sushi I"). It's a really cool etude, and definitely another chopbuilder.

So far, this video has been very interesting. It's not another "Lemme display my chops by showing off my fastest licks" video. Instead, you get a bunch of great licks, exercises and sequences that will help you to improve your technique. (I must know, they helped me a lot).

Now comes the really awesome part... Paul gives some great advice on soloing, how to construct solos, how to incorporate interesting rhythms to keep it fresh. He also introduces his concept of a rhythm-lead-structure, where he plays and constantly alternates between some rhythm-stuff and cool solo-licks, making it way more interesting than it would be if he'd just noodle a solo for 5 min.

GREAT stuff. I have hardly ever seen stuff like that being discussed in a video or other method. It shows that Paul really is a band-player too, and this stuff can be used by "non-shredders" as well. Anyway, this second half is really great.

At the end, we get to hear a cool "hyperblues" tune ("Chicken Blast O Rama"), which has some very neat licks. Paul performs it in front of a bluescreen (the bluescreen is working throughout the whole video... cracks me up. You'll see what I mean once you check out the video). Oh yeah, the video starts off with an early version of "Down To Mexico", with vocals by Jeff Martin of Racer X!

This video is very entertaining (of course, cuz it's a Paul Gilbert video and he included some of his wacky stuff, just like he did with Intense Rock 1 and Terrifying Guitar Trip). The information, exercises and licks included are excellent. They'll help you to develop your chops, try out new ideas etc. I loved the rhythm / lead-thing which is actually VERY musical.

Also, the speed-stuff on here is full of great exercises. So, in combination with Intense Rock I, this will help you to work on your chops tremendously, and once you master all the licks on this one, you'll have a decent technique for sure....

Level: Beginner to Pro (Most suitable for rock / metal players, but interesting for others too)

Recommendation: I think it would be best to get this one AND Intense Rock I, cuz this one kinda builds on Intense Rock I, and together those two videos cover all the important stuff.

Reviewed by: Eric Vandenberg

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Suitability: All Guitarists

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Reviewed by:
Eric Vandenberg

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All Guitarists

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