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Terrifying Guitar Trip

Paul always tried to keep his videos entertaining, and this one has to be his most entertaining one. First of all, the blue screen is back. Just like in the second video ("Intense Rock II"), Paul sits in front of a blue screen on which there's some wacky stuff going on while he shows you some cool licks.

Also, in between the actual instructional parts, there's some awesome footage which will also be interesting for any PG- or Mr. big-fan. You'll see footage of the band in the studio, recording "Bump Ahead", their third album. Also included is a guitar solo of Paul, live in Japan (you can hear that solo on "Japandemonium: Raw Like Sushi 3"), and some segments of Paul in his pool, talking about Racer X and his work with Mr. Big. I'm not gonna give away some of the other stuff, but it's all funny and weird, too....

BTW, the video starts with an amazing, early version of the Racer X-Tune "Technical Difficulties", with an absolutely mind-boggling solo by Paul.

As I mentioned before, in this video, he talks less about basic techniques or exercises, but rather gives away some of his favorite licks and some of the leads he played with Mr. Big. So, this video kinda builds on what he taught us in the first two videos.

The first exercise is a nice warm up exercise. Also, he shows us a very neat run in Aminor, the infamous, extremely difficult intro of "Colorado Bulldog", the trademark-intro of "Green Tinted Sixties Mind", the chords of "Nothing But Love", the infamous "To Be With You" solo and much more.

Also, he plays a tune (which is not transcribed in the accompanying booklet) on the classical guitar... it's flamenco-style, and the title is "Flamingo" (Go figure!). Also, Paul shows you some tricks to make your soloing sound more "professional".

So, this video is kinda building onto the first two videos, and is great in its own way cuz he shows us some of his solos... real stuff instead of plain exercises.

The "Let's tune"-section is so funny, I was laughing out loud the first time I saw it. I'm not gonna tell you what I mean, you gotta see it yourself to believe it.

Less exercises, more actual music by Paul.
Extremely entertaining, should also be fun to watch for all PG- and Mr. Big fans. And the licks involved will give you enough stuff to woodshed for a looooong time

Some beginner-stuff, but the licks are better suited for intermediate and pro players. Beginners should check the first two videos...

Reviewed by: Eric Vandenberg

iBreatheMusic Rating:

Suitability: Mainly rock-players, beginners to pro

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Reviewed by:
Eric Vandenberg

iBreatheMusic Rating:

Mainly rock-players, beginners to pro

Available at: