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Issue #11 -- 09 May 2003
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@ Introduction
@ What's New on IBreathe
@ Pulse Bites: What makes you tick?
@ Essential Listening
@ Eric's Shred 101-Lick
@ Students charged for p2p
@ Sizzling Hot Forum Topics


Hello all, and welcome to issue #11 of 'The Pulse'.

Are you interested in becoming an editor for 'The Pulse'? Is there a
column you can imagine that would be cool and that you would like to
maintain? Maybe about the music industry or about cool resources on
the Net, maybe about inner workings and psychological makeup of the
musicians brain, .. we are open to any ideas whatsoever. So, if you've
got something to say, contact us by sending an email to

New Reviews on iBreathe

All reviews can be found at http://www.ibreathemusic.com/reviews

Rock Discipline by John Petrucci 
Rock Fusion by Brett Garsed
High Shred Techs by Francesco Fareri
The Advancing Guitarist by Mick Goodrick 
Open Ears: A Journey Through Life With Guitar in Hand by Steve Morse

New Articles on iBreatheMusic

by Atanas Shishkov

I use a lot of two-handed licks in my playing. I started to explore
and include more of this technique into my style because of the smooth
and fluid sounds created with two-hand playing...


by Eric Vandenberg

In this article, I'd like to show you a slightly different approach to
legato-playing (Brett Garsed-style), and also the "Technique A vs.
Technique B" vs. "Why not do both?" approach.


by Jamie Andreas

So far we have seen that Stage Fright is not something that happens to
you, it is something you actually do. If Stage Fright is something we
DO, I think we can all agree we would rather NOT do it. But how do we
not do it? The answer may surprise you.


by Francesco Fareri

In this article Francesco Fareri shows you 3 shred licks to further
your picking and left hand skills. Buckle up for some speed licks and
finger artistics! ...


by Gunharth Randolf

Part 3 of the chord scale trilogy acts as a reference for chords,
scales and modes of Natural, Harmonic and Melodic Minor. It also gives
a brief overview of symmetric scales, like wholetone and diminished
scales ...


Pulse Bites: What makes you tick?

Now here comes a very weired topic but lately I've been thinking about
this a lot. A few weeks ago I started to write an article about how it
was when I started out, what problems I encountered, what the major
hurdles were , etc.. etc ... and yes, I GOT STUCK!

The article forced me to answer a few questions in the first place:
Why did I pick up the guitar? Why did I continue despite the fact of
blisters? Was music intentionally picked or was it just an accident,
like today I might become a master in playing computer games.... What
was it when I started out that got me hooked? Satisfaction of being
able to gain control over my doings in this field, opposed to a static
school environement? Was it just that it was just damn cool? Was it a
way to deal with aggression, life, generation X???? ....

Then a few more questions poped up. What is your/my ultimate vision. I
mean it must be there otherwise why would we go through the hassle. Is
it a picture of you on stage? Is it a special lick? A technique that
let's other drop their jaws? Writing songs? A feeling? ...

Actually I can give you my current answer: I have a vision of one
single note being played with all I got inside me - with all who I am.
I picture this 'sound' being somewhere around the 12th or 15th fret
and it's gotta be a bend - a hell of a bend :-)

Ok, call me crazy, whatever .... but I'd be interested in hearing your
experiences, dreams, visions.

What makes you tick?

The corresponding forum thread can be found here: 


Essential Listening: Steve Morse Band

Starting with this issue of 'The Pulse', we'll have a new feature:
Essential Listening. In each new issue of the Pulse, I will quickly
introduce a cool classic or rather recent album which I consider worth
checking out... some 'essential guitar records' and some albums that
should be interesting for everyone (although those guitar records are
definitely not for guitarists only!)

No.1: 'The Introduction' by The Steve Morse Band (good choice for a
start, huh?) 

Original release: 1984 
Line-Up: Steve Morse (g), Jerry Peek (b), Rod Morgenstein (dr/keys) 
Guests: Albert Lee (g), T. Lavitz (piano) 

This first album of the Steve Morse Band still is a classic among both
guitar-players and fusion-freaks. The SMB sounded a bit more
rock-influenced than the Dixie Dregs (Morse's and Morgenstein's former
band), but still maintained a wide mix of musical styles.

The album kicks off with the rocking 'Cruise Missile' (still a regular
part of SMB-setlists) with some really nice bass-soloing by Peek. Next
up is 'General Lee', with Morse and Albert Lee trading leads. 

The title-track is one of my favorite guitar instrumentals, with a
beautiful mid-section (the clean part) and a great, melodic solo. 

Other tracks include 'Mountain Waltz' (wonderful piano-playing by
Lavitz), the lush, slowly-building 'The Whistle', 'On The Pipe'
(another Morse-standard with some killer-licks) and more...

Bottom-Line: What a great debut. Even though the recording and sounds
might seem a bit outdated these days, this one is a classic, and it's
still very enjoyable to listen to it. The guitar-work is amazing. This
album isn't often mentioned as a 'classic', but it sure influenced a
lot of players (i.e. John Petrucci... )
So, check it out !

This CD is available at Amazon.com:

Eric's Shred 101: Jeff Tyson Lick

Jeff Tyson-lick from T-Ride's 'Backdoor Romeo'.

Ever heard the name Jeff Tyson? T- Ride?
Well, Jeff Tyson is another one of Joe Satriani's former students
(others include Steve Vai, Kirk Hammett, Larry LaLonde and Alex
Skolnick). He was in a band called T-Ride. They released their debut
album in the early 90's... the album was raved about by many critics,
but it didn't sell very well, so neither the band nor Jeff became
really famous... (Where are they now?)

The album was full of great rhythm-work by Jeff, although he held back
on the lead-guitar. One of the songs, 'Backdoor Romeo' has a very cool

little solo at the very end, which you can see tabbed out below...
it's something like a 'speed of light'-version of a classic
blues-style lick. 

The rhythm also is cool, going from 32nds to sixtuplets... check it
out, and if you like AOR-rock and wanna hear some cool rhythm guitar
by one of Satch's former students, try to get your hands on that
T-Ride album....

    freely, approx. Q=104
  E  T  T  T  T  T  T  T  T  T  T  T  T  S  S  S  S  S  S 

 |------6-------|  |------6-------|
 S  S  S  S  S  S  S  S  S  S  S  S


   S  S  S  S  S  S  S  S  S  S  S  S S  S   W

The full notated example can be found in the html version of this
issue at http://www.ibreathemusic.com/pulse/view_nl.php?id=11

Students charged for p2p

The NY Times reported that last week, a few college students had to
pay several thousand dollars to the record industry after a court
verdict found them guilty of copyright infringements.

They used their college server for filesharing, and provided MP3 rips
of copyrighted material. We had a discussion about this in the
forums... I predicted that the people that will suffer from
file-sharing will be 
- small independent or freelance artists (Steve Morse, Andy Timmons,
...). Andy sold his CDs by way of mail-order. Nowadays, you can
download them via p2p.
- the listener. When the record industry has to compensate for the
money they lose due to file-sharing (although it's not as bad as they
say in public), they'll most likely raise CD prices and cut back on
artist support and promotion.

This verdict is intended to scare off people. It seems like the record
industry is now taking some really extreme steps to deal with the
issue, and in some cases, I can't blame them. So, just incase you're
running some p2p server, or if you're downloading a lot, keep this in


Sizzling Hot Forum Topics

New metallica album

practical theory

shredding and shredders

Need to confirm so stuff about modes

SMRO: Picking Exercise

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