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31 January 2003 - Issue 8   
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Hello all, and welcome to issue #8 of 'The Pulse'.

One thing I've been focussing on lately is the improved functionality of finding and searching through articles and forum threads.

As a first step I'd like to show you the 'Article Browser'. A beta version can be found here: http://www.iBreatheMusic.com/browse

Article Browser features:
- List articles by publishing date
- List articles alphabetically
- List articles by author
- Advanced search, which gives you even more options, like searching for a specific term in article titles and / or content.

I hope you'll find this little add-on to be useful. I'd appreciate any feedback before the final version will be released and integrated into the site.


New Articles on IbreatheMusic
Stage Fright: Part One
by Jamie Andreas

I have suffered every degree of what is called stage fright. I have dealt with, experimented with, and thought about this subject from many different angles, and believe I have come to certain truths concerning it ... Continue

Improvisation Tools - Part 2: Arpeggios
by Gunharth Randolf

In part 2 of our improvisation tools series we'll have a closer look at arpeggios and chord tones: from basic 5 positions to breaking up the neck by exploring all of the fretboard in 12 positions and looking at horizontal possibilities ... Continue

NotationTablatureGuitar related

Pentatonic Madness
by Eric Vandenberg

Think you know how to play every possible lick with the pentatonic scale? Wanna "Shred" and think that the pentatonic scale ain't the tool to do so? Well, let's see ... Continue

NotationTablatureGuitar related

The Energizer Bunny
by Patrick Vega

Playing Guitar (especially technically demanding playing) requires a lot of energy and can be dangerous for your hands. What good is it to be "theoretically able to do it" but your hands told you to back off? Continue

NotationSoundTablatureGuitar related

Brett Garsed
by Eric Vandenberg

Brett's about to release his first solo-record "Big Sky". So I figured it would be the perfect time to tell you more about this very unique player... GIT-instructor and legato-master Brett Garsed Continue

NotationSoundTablatureGuitar related


 Pulse Bites: Weired Dream

I had a really weired dream last night that I want to share with you, despite the fact that this will finally convince you that I have completely gone over board.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about phrasing in music and its relation to spoken words. In my dream I was downloading about 100 versions of the 3 most used words in movies: 'I love you' (well, a bit cheesy I know :-).

I then sent all those version through some kind of 'Phrase-o-meter' and got back an average phrasing wave. I can't tell you the results but I certainly can tell you the reasons for performing the test:

1) What word is accentuated the most: I or love or you?
2) What's the overall melody line? Is it going up from the I, or coming down to the you? or is it describing a sinue wave?
3) What's the average time to get this message across?

As crazy as this sounds these questions are very important. Imagine ya play 3 notes during a solo. It's a ballade and you wanna get an emotional 'I love you' accross. How would ya go about it? How would you phrase it? What rhythm would you give it? What technique would you use? etc ...

If you have some similar thoughts I'd like to hear them. Feel free to post them in the forums.

 Paul Gilbert pedal tone-ish lick

This one is from Paul's unaccompanied guitar solo on Mr. Big's 'Raw Like Sushi 2'... It's a pedaltone- style lick... the notes on the B-String (D, E and F#) are re-occuring, while the top-note changes. This is really a cool picking-exercise, so play it till your hands fall off!


 Member Spotlight: metallibeast

Member Name: metallibeast
Real Name: Tee ZhangFeng
Location: Malaysia
Instrument: Guitar

How and when did you get started with music?
It started when I was 12 years old when I heard Enter Sandman (Metallica) and Pull me Under (Dream Theater) I became a big fan of these two bands but it wasn't until four years later when I saw this band in my high school jamming some Nirvana, Metallica and Dream Theater covers, that's when I got interested in playing the guitar.

How did you come across iBreatheMusic.com?
I saw a review of Guitar4u by Guitar One Mag June 2001, the review was really good and the name of the website is so damn cool!!!! :-) Ever since than I've been around.

What styles of music do you play?
I think of myself as a rock guitarist. I do play some blues. Currently learning how to play jazz.

Who are your biggest influences?
Earlier part of my life, Metallica, Dream Theater, Slash, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Yngwie. Currently Al Dimeola, Steve Morse, Satriani, Vai and Eric Johnson.

What formal training have you had?
Took music theory and advance music theory in High school, learn from books and magazines. Currently studying in a music college, doing a program call BTP Berklee Transfer Program where I will study the first two years here in Malaysia b4 heading over to Berklee to finish my last 2 years.

What were some of the biggest breakthroughs you had in your learning of music theory?
When I first started playing guitar, I learned how to play chords in the open position; power chords and I went…god there must be like a million of chord shapes that I gotta memorized, until one of my friends told me that I can juz keep the same chord shape and move it around.

What practice technique you use do you feel has paid off the most handsomely in its effect on the way you play?
Using a drum machine and metronome. Before I started to use a metronome, I always thought that I was in time but I wasn't. Learning how to play something slowly first before speeding it up, I used to play licks as fast as possible without paying any attention to anything else other than speed. I never really knew what to look out for when playing slow but Eric's articles really helped me, he pointed out some of the finer details.

How long did you play before you had your first paying gig?
Soon hopefully, currently working with some friends to get one.

What gear do you use?
Les Paul fitted with Dimarzio Air Zone (neck), Super
Distortion (Bridge)
Ibanez 7321 with EMG 707 (neck and bridge)
Zoom Gfx 8
Peavey Rage 158 Amp

What are you up to at the moment?
Learning how to use arpeggios in my improvisation; sight reading as well although I've been working on this for quite some time and of course Ear Training.

Do you have any interests (apart from iBreathe of course!)?
I used to read a lot, maintain a website but ever since I decided to be a musician, I've dedicated most of my time to learning music. I do watch TV fairly often.

 Sizzling Hot Topics

It's the Where Do I Begin Question

In the beginning........

re. Greg Howe

Speaking in tounges.....


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