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26 January 2004 - Issue 20   
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Hi all,

The more iBreatheMusic grows the more we will need to rely on the help and active support from you, active visitors, members and authors. There has been quite a bit of interest on how to submit material to the site as well as some really positive ideas from people who are keen to help spread the word and even make donations from time to time to defray the site's operational costs.

We've put a page together that lists a few ways that you can take part in the improvement and growth of the site. This page can be found at http://www.ibreathemusic.com/support.php. All input will be very much appreciated.

Article wise, I'm proud to present you with an article by Troy Stetina. If you haven't heard of Troy yet, I suggest that you check out his website at stetina.com. About 20 years ago, Troy really helped me take my first real steps on the guitar through his great books and teaching methods. I think he was one of the first people to realise the importance of serious teaching methods for rock guitar.

Another article that I think deserves special attention is James's 'The Tritone, Substitution, Cycle 4' article. Although, it is certainly targeted at more advanced players, the topic of tritone substitution is finally discussed from every angle and displayed in a logical, practical way - at least that's my opinion. Check it out and if there's anything you're not sure of, feel free to post your query in the article related thread at http://www.ibreathemusic.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=3126.

And last but not least, right after his birthday http://www.ibreathemusic.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=3138 this issue's member spotlight falls on Shaman_Santana. Thanks for taking the time and telling us a bit more about yourself.

Happy reading,



New Articles on IbreatheMusic
Heavier Than Hell
by Troy Stetina

Dive into the moshpit with 10 ultra-heavy riffs... The task for this article is clear: root out some of the deepest, darkest, heaviest riffs ever Continue

NotationSoundTablatureGuitar related

The Tritone, Substitution, Cycle 4
by James B Schultz

Due to recent discussion in the forum I was explaning something about tritone substitutions and moving tritones through cycle 4 with an ex-student and decided to reference an old document. I was thinking it was time to write a new article. Continue

NotationTablatureGuitar related

Harmony - Reaching For The Unreachable
by Chris Juergensen

I have really small hands but I never knew it. When we compare our hands, without a doubt, mine is the smaller of the two. How come I can get my hands to stretch for those extra notes? I'll show you how I taught myself to do it. Continue

TablatureGuitar related

Developing Scale-Patterns
by Mike Campese

Another great lesson by instrumental guitarist and MI-graduate Mike Campese. This time, he's gonna show you how to develop scale patterns and sequences. There´s an endless amount of different variations you can do. Check it out! Continue

NotationSoundTablatureGuitar related

The Workout, Part 3
by Eric Vandenberg

In this final episode of the Workout-trilogy, I am gonna show you a bunch of execises you could include into your own personal workout. And I'll show you 5 etudes I came up with while I was practicing... Continue

NotationSoundTablatureGuitar related


 Eric's Shred 101

'Matthias Eklund Open String Lick'

Mattias Eklund is one of the most interesting players to appear on the scene in recent years. His instrumental debut 'Freak Guitar' (released on Vai's Favorite Nation Label) shows an astonishing amount of chops, combined with some unusual ideas, cool melodies and a lot of whacky stuff.

One of the things Mattias uses a lot (besides a whammy pedal and some whacky artificial harmonics) is fast open string licks, either using tapping, hammer-ons / pull-off's or tapping... or all of those combined!!!

Here is one example of that...

 Member Spotlight: Shaman_Santana

Member name: Shaman_Santana
Real name: Richard
Location: London, England
Instrument: Electric Guitar

How and when did you get started with music?

Well, its difficult to say exactly when - cos I started and stopped several times before I really got going! I've always really enjoyed quality music of any sort; anything I can relate to, and I listen to many types of music. I know I've always wanted to do something musical - to play an instrument, but it took me a long time to find the instrument for me. A few years ago I was really inspired by a friend of mine who is a fantastic piano player. I loved the mood and feel he was able to create with what he played. It made me want to learn, and I went out and got myself a keyboard. I really thought when I bought it I had found that musical thing I was looking for, but unfortunately after the first week or so I hardly played it. I dunno it really just didn't get the same inspiration from playing that particular type of instrument myself. I became interested in digital music production for a bit after that, mixing together a few tracks and stuff, but again it still didn't feel quite right.

I really couldn't say exactly what it was that made me pick up a guitar, but the idea did suddenly come to me to do it, a few of my friends played so perhaps that had something to do with it. I borrowed my Nan's old acoustic when I was about 16 - and from then on I knew I had found the instrument for me. I'd say it was at that point I really 'got started' with music, and I learnt my first few basic open chords, and basic chord progressions on that old acoustic. A month or so later I took the keyboard - which was basically unused, and part exchanged it for a Squire Strat and a Fender practice amp. The guitar is an instrument of both melody, and great attitude and power - that's what I love about it and is what inspires me to play. I've now been playing for roughly a year and 5 months, and I have played pretty much every day since I started!

How did you come across iBreatheMusic.com?

I typed in 'Beat It Solo' on Google. I was bored and it was a completely random thing, I Love 'Beat it' and was getting really interested in Eddie. So I just did the search and Eric's article came up top of the list. It was EXACTLY what I wanted - not just a tab of the solo, which I hadn't been able to find, but also an explanation of how it actually works - bit by bit, and even a soundfile! After, of course I looked around and saw all the other great stuff on this site. I think I'd say IBM it is single best find I have ever made on the Internet!

What styles of music do you play?

Well, I've been playing I think about 1 year and 5 moths (maybe slightly more or less) and I'm aware that I'm very much still developing musically. I haven't really developed a style that is 'me' yet - my own style, but I'm very into the Blues at the moment because that is what I have been studying. Other than that I play Rock, I've looked at Funk a little bit, and I play bits and pieces of my favourite instrumental songs, and general songs. My long-term goal as a guitarist though, among other things, is to be proficient in every major style!

Who are your biggest influences?

My number one influence and inspiration, without a doubt is Carlos Santana (guess my forum name kinda gives that away a bit, Lol). As I explained it took me a while to find the 'right' instrument for me, but I have always loved Santana for as long as I can remember. I love the vibe of the music, from the band's classic older stuff through to Carlos' current 'Supernatural' phase. 'Samba Pa Ti' is my ultimate my favourite piece of music, and it was before I even began playing guitar myself. Whenever I listen to it, no matter how bad things may be at the time, I find that song has a 'healing' quality, I can't even quite describe what it means to me. As a guitarist, listening to Santana also reminds me WHY I play, I always draw inspiration from that. Sometimes you can get a bit obsessed with developing technique and so on, and I get frustrated sometimes. Santana's music reminds me why I am practising these things.

Other than Carlos, I love Joe Satriani. Ever since seeing the live in San Francisco DVD I've been hooked on Satch. Through IBM I've come across the music of Andy Timmons and Brett Garsed - both of whom are incredible musicians and guitarists, and I get a lot of inspiration from their music. To name others players I love, Steve Vai of course ('Whispering A Prayer' - WOW), Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore, Eric Johnson, Eddie Van Halen, players from guitar magazines, friends, the list could go on and on!

What formal training have you had?

I was self-taught up until a few months back. However, I recently took a beginners/foundation course at the London Guitar Institute, which finished just before Christmas. It covered the fundamental theory, and although other styles were touched on it was mainly based around the Blues. The course ended with a 12 bar blues performance, which I posted in the forums (thanks for the feedback guys!).

What were some of the biggest breakthroughs you had in your learning of music theory?

I've still got a long way to go with theory, and I'm still getting to grips with the basics really. I'd say at the moment, learning the 5 pentatonic and blues scales would be my biggest breakthrough because it gave me the tools to develop my improvisational skills, and so become more 'free'.

What practice technique you use do you feel has paid off the most handsomely in its effect on the way you play?

I'll admit that I've never properly sat down and practised specific techniques yet - and I know I really should. I mean I have practised alternate picking - doing chromatic exercises etc, but I haven't properly dedicated time to perfecting technique yet. The technique I have I have gained mainly through learning solos/songs etc and trying to get them to sound like they do when I hear them. I'd say the technique that I have gained that has 'paid off most handsomely' would be Vibrato. I developed this mainly through learning the main melodies to the Satch songs 'Love Thing' and 'Until We Say Goodbye' and watching the 'Live in San Francisco' DVD to see how Joe does it. I was then able to learn from it and apply it to my general playing and improvising. It has paid off because I see that it has allowed my playing to sound far more expressive.

How long did you play before you had your first paying gig?

I haven't yet played a 'paying gig'.

What gear do you use?

Well, my main guitar is an Ibanez RG 470. I also own a few Strats, because I absolutely love them. Amp wise, right now I have a Marshall practice amp. Effects - a Dunlop 'Cry Baby' Wah.

What are you up to at the moment?

Getting through my last year at college (man, is it dragging on!). Once that's out the way, i'm going to do a full time diploma course at the London Guitar Institute - cant wait! That's when I'll really get serious with my playing, right now my main focus is to get college behind me, then its time for some fun!

Do you have any interests (apart from iBreathe of course!)?

A few, Lol. A while ago I was very into digital video editing - putting together video presentations etc. I did some of my own 'music videos' as well for fun - setting captured clips from things like, I dunno, a sports event, to music - like they do for highlights of stuff. I actually did work experience for two weeks, when I was 15, at the (British) 'Big Brother' studios, in the video-editing department. That was great fun, and I actually ended up being involved with the live show, which was cool.

I've had a few web-sites in the past, none of which exist anymore. It was just a hobby really, a way for me to share my Video stuff. I was the Co-Webmaster of one particular site, my most successful one, which at one point received about 5000 visitors a day.

Obviously I've mainly talked about myself and guitar related stuff, but music itself is one of my main interests. I just love quality music, and I listen to quite a range of different types of music. I love hip-hop, people like Nas or 2pac for example, R&B, Jazz, Reggae, Soul, and then obviously rock and related stuff like heavy metal, instrumental etc.

Football/Soccer (Arsenal Fan!), and also I've always been into Rugby - and now wear my England shirt with extra 'world cup winning' pride! Lol.

Of course I'm really into typical stuff like watching films, TV and certainly computer games. I've always loved computer games; my PS2 rarely gets a day off work! I'm also into beer (sometimes a bit too into it, Lol), good company, women :)....I plan to travel quite a bit over the next few years - particularly to Australia, I have a lot of family out there. Well, I think that's about it!

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