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19 October 2002 - Issue 2   
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 Some Stuff ...

Hello all, and welcome to issue #2 of 'The Pulse'.

First of all, I'm happy to report that the first issue of the pulse went smoothly without any hickups. However, if there is anything you would like to let us know about, please contact us at ThePulse@iBreatheMusic.com.

The Archives

Because this is the second issue, you can now go into the archives where previous issues of 'The Pulse' can be found in both text and HTML formats. So if you'd like to look something up or if you missed out on an issue you can find it here. The archive can be found at http://www.ibreathemusic.com/pulse/archives.php

iBreathe T-shirts

We've been thinking for quite some time about making some iBreatheMusic T-shirts. We've mocked up a few early ideas at http://www.ibreathemusic.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=466.
We look forward to your feedback and please let us know if you have any cool ideas. All suggestions welcome ....

Till next time,


New Articles on IbreatheMusic
Mailbag: Picking / Smoothing It Out
by Eric Vandenberg

After all the articles on picking, here is a final one focussing on our discussions of picking at the forums and per Email... and introducing the next step Continue

NotationTablatureGuitar related

Teaching by Travel Brochure
by Jamie Andreas

Many guitar players, along the course of their lives, become guitar teachers. They are often people who have a good amount of what is called "natural talent".The problem comes when these people start to "guide" others to do the same thing ... Continue

Good morning, left hand!
by Eric Vandenberg

Let's talk about legato techniques. After all the alternate picking articles it would be a good idea to pay attention to the left hand and this time, weŽll let it do most of the work while we take a look at hammer ons, pull offs and more... Continue

NotationTablatureGuitar related

Pick Control
by Charles H. Chapman

Against popular opinion, searing single note lines are not the hallmark of having great pick technique. To play effectively with a pick you must have control and synchronisation between both right and left hands and be able to mute inside strings ... Continue

NotationTablatureGuitar related

Using Arpeggios to Develop Good Lines
by John Baboian

When I was much younger and first starting to realize the difficulties in being able to play over chord progressions, I discovered arpeggios can give a good sense of the linear sound of a harmonic progression .. Continue



 Pulse Bites: Articulation

In the last issue we talked about the importance of Dynamics. In this issue we have a look at the closely related topic of articluation and the musical terms we use to describe the different articulations in use.

Accent Marks

An accent mark indicates that the note or voicing it attends is to receive an emphasized attack. There are two types of accent marks: the forzato (^) and the sforzando (>). The forzato accent represents the heavier, or stronger, of the two types of accents. Please note that neither of these accents alter the duration of the notes or voicings they attend.

Staccato Marks

The staccato mark (.) indicates that the note it attends is to be detached from the note that follows it. In order to achieve this separation, the staccato note's duration must be shortened. Staccato marks are generally applied to notes of a quarter-note's value or less.

Legato / Tenuto Mark

The legato, or tenuto mark (-), indicates that the note it attends is to receive a soft or dull attack and is to be held for its full duration.

A few practicing ideas:
- Pick a scale, play it up and down while focussing on different combination of articulation, e.g. switch from staccato to legato with every other note while also playing a sforzando on every 1 of the beat.
- Improvise with focus on articulation only. You could just use one note. Try to create tension and release with using different articulations
- Listen to recordings and analyze the melody or solo in terms of articulations. What articulations does the artist use and how does it effect the performance.

 Eric's Shred 101-Lick

Greg Howe is an amazing, quite unique player, and he sure is an influence of mine. He combines all the cool techniques (picking, legato, tapping) to create mind-boggling solos that leave you saying "HOWE did he DO that?".

Here is a Howe-style lick in Em, combining hammer ons / pull offs, tapped notes (consider the tapping finger an extension of your left hand this time) and string-skipping. The first note on each string is actually hammered on, not picked!

Have fun!

 Sizzling Hot Topics

Difficult Picking Exercises

Concept: Playing a Song

ii V I changes

Guni's Intervals (the Key to HU)

Something about metronom?

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