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01 December 2003 - Issue 17   
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Hello all,

The last 2 weeks have been pretty busy for us here at iBreatheMusic. We finally took the plunge and transformed the articles and categories database into a more modular structure. This should serve us well for the years to come :-) and should make browsing articles a lot easier, so check it out, you might have missed some great articles along the way...

We're also very pleased to announce that as a direct result of the community's support, the EricV PC Fund was a success! We should have our esteemed contributor back online any day now, flooding us with in-depth studies and articles :-) (What Eric told me over the phone sounded really promising). Again, thank you all so much for your donations.

And finally, we have a special member spotlight in this issue - well at least to me. If you hang around the forums long enough you'll certainly stumble across a guy named Clive. Well, he's not an active musician or major content contributor to iBreathe ... but ... just let me just say that without him there would never have been an iBreatheMusic.

Happy reading,


New Articles on IbreatheMusic
The Shapes of Things to Come
by Chris Juergensen

The record business as we know it is changing into something totally different. I'm going to describe what this means to you and why you should be really, really happy ... Continue

Improvising with Exotic Scales - Part 2
by Jorge Fernando Maldonado

As promised here it is the second part to the "Improvising with Exotic Scales" series. By now you should have a couple of scales in your pocket, so this time I'll show you a couple of ways to apply some of these scales to your own music. Continue

NotationTablatureGuitar related

Slash Chords
by Chris Juergensen

Don't let slash chords confuse you too much. No, they are not the chords that the guitarist from Guns and Roses uses, they are something different. A slash is this: /, so a slash chord should have one of them in its name ... Continue

NotationSoundTablatureGuitar related

The Workout... Part 1
by Eric Vandenberg

There have been quite a few requests about an example workout. So here is Part I of an mini-series about that. I'll show you the workout I used to use a few years ago, and how to personalise it for yourself. Continue

NotationTablatureGuitar related

Here Comes the Sun
by Peter Simms

I put together a very easy Chord Melody arrangement of the Beatles tune "Here Comes the Sun". It's for beginning to intermediate students. Think about which fingers to use to play your notes. Common sense will guide you ... Continue

NotationSoundTablatureGuitar related


 Eric's Shred 101

First part of the 'Final Countdown' solo.

Anyone remember Europe? The band, I mean. They were one of the rather successful 80's rockbands (also referred to as a 'hairband'). The song 'Final Countdown' was a rather big hit around the world.

One thing many people these days ignore is the fact that Europe had two really talented lead guitar players who definitely deserve some attention. The first one was John Norum (who was also a member of Dokken and other projects, and released several solo albums), a player who was quite obviously influenced by Gary Moore.

Once he left the band (after recording the 'Final Countdown' album ), he was replaced by Kee Marcello, whom I consider a really amazing player. If you listen to the solos on the 'Out Of This World' album, you'll hear a very tasteful combination of monster chops and great melodies.

Anyway, my transcription of the FC-solo has kinda been checked by John Norum himself... a reader of some of my articles asked him how that solo was played, and he played it the same way that I had tabbed it out. SO here ya go...


 Member Spotlight: Clive

Member name: Clive
Real name: Clive Ritchie
Homepage: www.planc.co.uk / www.planc.at
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Instrument: Piano, Bass

How and when did you get started with music?

My parents bought a piano when I was about 7 and I took lessons, on and off, into my teens. I wasn't motivated nor mature enough to really carry it through though - I just played by ear and didn't pay much attention to the theory my teachers were trying to get across. My last teacher accepted that things weren't going anywhere fast and just showed me how to play a few jazz tunes and, with him on bass, we'd just play for 30 mins each week which was really great.

I also got my own bass guitar a couple of years ago which I really enjoy playing, but also for personal enjoyment/relaxation rather than with any serious goals in sight.

How did you come across iBreatheMusic.com?

I had just started a job at a London based internet company in 1999 and was looking for a place to stay in the same area. I saw an ad for a room, phoned, got this friendly Austrian sounding guy (Guni) and went to check it out.

After he showed me around we got chatting. I told him I had just got a job with this company, he said 'Oh, are you the new designer guy?!'. As it turned out he worked in the internet cafe part of the same company, I was at the HQ just down the road. I moved in, we became friends and started making websites for people that came into the internet cafe under the name of 'Plan C' (Plan A and B didn't work out..).

I got involved with Guitar4u towards the end and we used to spend many after hours sessions in the internet cafe planning iBreatheMusic (and playing Quake) which took shape about 10 months after that.

What are you up to at the moment?

I work from home. I spend most of the day online with Guni working on iBreatheMusic and a few other web projects through our company.

For iBreatheMusic I'm usually busy with behind the scenes stuff like proofing new articles/the pulse before they go live, helping Guni with new features where I can, forum moderation and other more medial admin tasks. I'm also responsible for the visual aspects of the site whereas Guni comes from the code angle.

Apart from iBreathe, I'll be moving to New Zealand early next year and am currently busy with the paperwork.

Where do you think iBreatheMusic can be improved and what do you see ahead:

I think doing away with 'learn' and 'play' was a great move. The new article navigation also makes things a lot clearer. Now that these have been resolved, I think the site is generally on track.

From a design perspective I'm looking forward to branding the new forum software to the iBreathe look-and-feel and making the site look more integrated than it is now.

Looking ahead...

When we first started working on iBreatheMusic we thought the forums would just be an extension to the articles. We also thought that we were creating an 'online campus' offering accredited online courses. But a lot has changed since then, the forums have turned out to be the heart and soul of the site, which we're delighted about.

I'd like to see the site expand upon the articles + forums, incorporating useful interactive online learning tools, a more comprehensive reviews section and perhaps even online courses/tests somewhere along the line in the future.

Although iBreatheMusic has been growing steadily, we'll still need more active members before we can think about things like organising 'real life' workshops. I think our biggest challenge in the next few months will be maintaining the quality of the forums as more people take part.

This whole 'online community' thing has also really turned into something beyond what I expected. Apart from the day to day forum discussions (perfect pitch with your vacuum cleaner, russian translated pickup lines, and some other music related stuff in between) it feels like something quite powerful is brewing... the way members give such warm welcomes to new members, pull together to steer the forums out of trouble, help mould the site by actively giving input into things like article categorisation/ forum restructuring / helping to write forum rules etc. and then more recently, raising funds to help a fellow member get back online... This is the good stuff and makes me really optimistic for the months ahead.

Do you have any interests (apart from iBreathe of course!)?

Apart from Design / website building, I enjoy camping out in the country, climbing mountains, snow skiing (I'm hoping to visit Guni in Austria for some serious alpine skiing + schnapps soon), windsurfing, frisbee on the beach, beer and hanging out with friends. I'm also fascinated by anything to do with space.

I used to love my multiplayer net game sessions too, although this was a sacrifice I had to make moving back to Cape Town because even with broadband, South Africa's connection to the rest of the world leaves a lot to be desired.


 Sizzling Hot Forum Topics

Recipe for Blues Turn around?

acoustic/strumming/singing reccomendations?

How did that song get popular?

Music in Melodic Minor

Cycles in General & Coltrane Changes

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