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07 April 2003 - Issue 10   
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@ Happy Birthday iBreatheMusic
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 Happy Birthday iBreatheMusic

Unbelievable, but it's already been 1 year since iBreathe went online. Time to celebrate a bit, look back this first year and also look ahead into the future.

Thus, this issue will mainly point to the birthday special that can be found online at http://www.ibreathemusic.com/birthday.

Eric and myself draw a line under this first year and also have a quick peak into the future. Furthermore we have a look at some statistics and award best article, best author, best thread, etc ...

Come on in and join our celebration.

Nevertheless, this birthday issue brings you the latest articles to the site and a special birthday shred lick from Eric.

With next issue we will resume our usual schedule and content.



New Articles on IbreatheMusic
Chord Scales - Part 2: Modes
by Gunharth Randolf

As a sequal to part 1, this article explains all aspects of modes - scale as well as chord related. Furthermore, Guni shows you some applications of modes in composition, arranging and improvisation ... Continue


Chord Scales - Part 1: The Major Scale
by Gunharth Randolf

Understanding major scales is a prerequisite for understanding modes and chord scales. Therefore I dedicate this entire first part to the theory of major scale construction, cycle of fifths, harmonisation, chords, etc ... Continue


Skip It! (An Introduction To String-Skipping)
by Eric Vandenberg

Let's talk about yet another cool shred-technique: string skipping. It'd be best if you have worked on your picking and legato-technique before you work on skipping strings. And it's not only a cool shred-tool but also great for melodies... Continue

NotationTablatureGuitar related

Master Guitar Class - Part 1
by Paul Nelson

Special Guest Columnist Paul Nelson shows you on how to make sense and practical use of music theory. In this first part he's talking about the Ionian scale, soloing and chord substitution ... Continue

Guitar related

Stage Fright: Part Two
by Jamie Andreas

Now that we have this stage fright thing more properly defined as what it really is, that is, People Fright, we are in a position to get some where with it. Many people, including professional performers, never slay this dragon ... Continue


 Birthday Shred 101-Lick

Variation On Paul Gilbert's string-skipping arps, involving BIG stretches.

If you have read my article on Paul, or if you listened to some of his solos with Racer X, Mr. Big or on his solo-albums, you might be familiar with
his string skipping-arpeggios (based on simple triads). Now, why don't we extend this kinda arpeggio by alternating the top-note?!?

The notes in this one are taken from a G Major-triad (G-B-D), and we alternate between B and D on top. Be careful, this one involves a pretty big stretch, so work on it before you move it down the neck. You may also play the top note (D, 22nd fret) by tapping it...


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