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Thread: not sure where to put this, but i really need help...

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    The Bun is in Your Mind free2shred00's Avatar
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    Jul 2005

    not sure where to put this, but i really need help...

    this is a gear question, and i really don't know where else to put this but here, so if there's a place designated for it, then i hope you can move it. i need to know if there are any 7 strings with 2 volumes and 2 tones, other than the ibanez gax. i've played one before, and it wasn't that good. i don't know if it was that particular guitar, or if it's the whole line of guitars, but i haven't been able to find any besides this one. i'm begining to think i'll have to buy one and take it to a luthier to get it specified to the way i need it. any suggestions?
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    You best bet is to sign up at http://www.thegearpage.net and post your question under the "Guitars In General" section. We don't really do gear discussions here as this is more of a technique and theory forum (the best there is for improving your playing, actually).

    Welcome to iBreatheMusic! Good luck with your search.

    P.S. If The Gear Page doesn't work for you for some reason, www.harmony-central.com is another alternative.

    P.S. 2: To give you some form of an answer, you can build a custom guitar from sites like Warmoth or USACG. They are usually very flexible about custom options.
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    Thread duly closed.

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