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Thread: A Generel Question

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    Oct 2005
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    A Generel Question

    How long would you say you had studdied theory before you felt that you really had a grip on it and could start applying it to your music? I understand that it is a huge topic that is never really finished learning, but in general, how long untill it all started to form the big picture?

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    Proud Owner of a JEM!! Rakuku's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    It's a question of how hard you work. The best way to get a grip on theory is to analyze how your hero's are using it.

    The way I really got a grip on modes and theory and stuff was bought a book of Steve Vai transcriptions and tried to figure out what he was doing theory-wise. This really helped.

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    Oct 2004
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    Couple of days really.

    No, seriously. The theory I know is very basic but what I do know I know well I believe. It has helped immensely.

    I play simple music so simple theory suits me fine but now and then i can dabble in more complex ideas.

    It really should take no more than a week of hard focus on intervals, scale construction, chord construction to really get a grip on them.

    I used to sit on the train and pick a key, write out the major scale then put together the chords from it and then add extensions, try and learn the notes in each base triad etc.etc.

    Then write out the parallel modes based on the interval formulas for the scales or just by memorizing the major scale notes and adjusting them as required for the modes. etc.

    It soon sinks in.

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    I thought that ''never enough'' was the best answer i could give you.

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    When I began studying theory, even the most basic steps were huge advances that I felt I could start using right away. I began with Traids and started using them all over my solos.
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