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Thread: Effects Rack

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    Registered User chrisfelloni's Avatar
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    Aug 2005

    Question Effects Rack

    What must i need to run an effects rack such as reverb efficently, Do i need to have certain gear such as amps, guitars, pc's etc. because heres the situation i have a marshall MG 30DFX Boss ME-50, wah pedal and a ibanez RG350dx and i am wondering would my gear be enough for a rack to run through and also wouldhem it sound good...

    Additonally what are the advantages and disadvantages of owning your own rack, do i need to be experinced to function one.??

    Basically i need to know everything about them simply because i considering buying one for chrismas for my room instead of a new amp or sumthing.

    Thanks all
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    Sorry but gear talk is not supported at iBreatheMusic. You may want to check out www.homerecording.com or www.harmony-central.com.
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