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Thread: Tom Hess correspondence lessons

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    Aug 2005

    Tom Hess correspondence lessons

    I was wondering if anyone is taking correspondence lessons from Tom Hess? I am really wanting to find a good teacher because I have been "self taught" for the 5 1/2 years that I have been playing and really want to take my guitar playing to a much higher level and eventually become the best guitar player and songwriter I can possibly be. Tom Hess seems to be a legitimate teacher, but I am a little skeptic of learning through correspondence. Is there anyone that has taken lesson through Tom Hess this way and can you tell me about this experience?

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    Aug 2005
    Someone? Anyone?

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    Registered User SkinnyDevil's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    No, I've not taken lessons from Tom.

    However, I often teach the same way. I have a couple of "on-line" students at the moment. The hardest part is keeping track of progress, but you can work it out if you give it as little extra effort.
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    I haven't taken lessons from him too.
    Anyway mpm1985, you can email him asking about the method.
    He got his own website too. Check it here
    The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing

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    I took some lessons from him a few ago. To be honest, I didn't care for them.

    1. Many of his lessons he gives you are the same style as the articles he writes on the net, (if not just copies of them) i.e. alot of 'motivational' talk and general tips, there is not a whole of 'music' in them, from my experience

    2. My impression was that you better be into shred/neoclassical/prog cause that appears to be his specialty.

    3. I've come to believe its really hard to learn via correspondence. I mean you have no 'musical interaction' with the teacher. He can't see you play, hear you play, etc. So if thats the case why not just read the articles here or at any other decent music resource site. Or even just buy a good book and work with that. Just my opinion

    4. But if you find his articles he writes, here and elsewhere, useful than maybe its something you'd enjoy. For me, it wasn't happening and was rather pointless when I can read all that for free on the net.

    5. However on a positive note, he does respond to questions pretty fast, within a couple days usually.
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    I agree with Flathead.

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