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Thread: Master Scale List

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    Sep 2005

    Master Scale List

    Hello, This might have been covered before but i searched and did not find anything. Does anyone have or know where i can find a list of all the scales or modes that can be used over a particular chord. For example you could use the following over a C major.

    All the C major modes
    Am Pen.
    C Mixolydian

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    Go to my site. (I am NOT selling anything! )

    Click on "Instruction" and you'll figure out the rest.

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    Sep 2005
    Thanks! This helps alot!!! Does anyone else know of any others that might work? Like modes of exotic scales, pent., or the minors? I guess i could do my home work on all this but i'm looking for an easy way out.

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    disclaimer: this syllabus will not magically transform into a great player. If anything, it'll show you how un-limited your choices actually are at any given moment. Some notes just sound better than others, while some only sound good when preceded by certain others, and so on
    - Dave

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    Aug 2005
    A book called "The Ultimate Guitar Scale Bible" by Mark Dziuba covers 130 scales. As far as an easy way out...you could learn just a few that you find most useful, but to explore the full range of what notes work over what chords etc...there are so many combinations and possibilities it can become a lifetime's work.

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