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Thread: Audience Appeal

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    Audience Appeal

    Okay, here's the deal. I'm going to be playing in my schools talent show next Tuesday and I have to say I'm feeling pretty damn confident (which is good). However, as it's just me playing guitar with no band I really want to put on a good show for them so I'm wondering if you guys can recommend any ways to really get the audience cheering.

    I'm mostly thinking of the visual side of things, because I want to do something to supplement the music. I don't think the crowd will get bored because I've got a pretty good balance between my own music and something very recognizable (a la "Whole Lotta Love") so I'm not all that worried about the music itself. I just want to put on a hell of a show with the time I've got (5 minutes).

    Here are some ideas I have so far: over the head, toss a pick or two into the crowd, pick scrapes, and tapping.

    The problem is I'm not really sure how to do all of these things effectively... well, over the head anyways and if I'm going to do this I don't want it to take away from the music itself.

    I've gotten some some good (and hilarious) ideas from other sites as well but still any tips on any other things to really rev up the crowd or on how to be more effective with what I'm already doing would be nice (especially that playing over the head thing).

    Well...guess it's time to get practicing again. Damn I'm glad I have all of Spring Break to prepare for this.

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    I'd avoid the picks to the crowd thing, as i suppose you're not a famous guitar hero yet... no offense ! =)
    I'd go for a ' i feel what i play' attitude... look at 'Live at the astoria' by steve vai... mimic the whammy tricks, like openin' your mouth when you release a dive bomb... move around a bit, as it entertains a lot... nobody wants to see a guitarist standin' in the middle of the stage as he's playin' for himself...
    The tongue along the string is cool too... take a look to the weird sounds thread to see what i'm talkin about =)

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    Yeah, good point about the pics to the crowd thing...

    I think your right on about the live from astoria DVD, I was just watching it the other day for some ideas on what to do actually, but I should be able to watch it a little more carefully since I won't have school next week.

    That Vai DVD should have come with some strawberry flavored strings or something because you know as soon as everyone watched it they were going to be licking their guitars the rest of the day trying to get that sound.

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    Just remember that however long it takes you to get something difficult down by yourself it will probably take 10 times that amount to get it to a point where you can do it in front of an audience. Especially something flashy that will take your attention away from the actual song work.

    You can get away with a lot more tricks when you're playing with other people. But when your by yourself you're competely exposed, so if you screw up on something flashy everything screws up and it is completely noticable.

    If I hear a guy and am not immediatly blown away by his playing and then he throws his guitar behind his head, my first reaction is going to be "why the f*ck did he do that." I don't doubt your ability to pull these things off but it's very easy to get people going by just playing your best with a lot of attitude.

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