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Thread: jazzy chord songs

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    all around psycho
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    May 2004

    jazzy chord songs

    What are some songs you guys know of that use jazzy type chords? For example lately I'm really getting into guys like john mayer who is amazing. I also like many jazzy chord solos such as one on an article on ibreathe of "white christmas" which sounds kind of jazzy. I even like the way bands like incubus and the red hot chili peppers use these chords (not as often as mayer) but when they do it it sounds very cool. I'm really getting into this type of music and playing, and it's great for technique So any songs/bands you know of that use these a lot would be appreciated.

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    Nov 2003
    Steely Dan
    Guess Who - just a couple tunes, Undun; These eyes....
    Climax Blues Band - Sense of Direction is the only cd I can Recommend
    Beatles - maybe different style than you're thinkin'

    ....do I listen to anything recorded after 1980 ! ?......hmm...
    ..let me think.....

    Dada - American Highway Flower

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    all around psycho
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    May 2004

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    Registered User Mateo150's Avatar
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    Jan 2005
    On Saturn
    If you like John Mayer (I like his stuff too), check out Keller Williams. Same type of vibe, one guitarist kind of guy. He puts on one man shows using a cicle of guitars, bass, and other instruments and loops the sounds over and over and keeps on playing different things and continues to loop them, its quite a good show live. He also plays a mean mouth trumpet and other lesser used sounds. Most of his stuff is done on the acoustic, his style is mostly chord melody and he uses TONS of "jazzy" chords. Not much soloing, but is chord melody stuff is more impressive IMO. For starters, "Kidney" is a great song, as well as anything else of off his album "Loop", he has stuff out with a band as well which I like as well (I think some of his songs are better with a band). I've heard a live performance of that one Mayer song "No Such Thing" and his playing is evolving towards a Kellar like sound, but Kellar is amazing. For less complicated stuff, try Elliot Smith, I listened to this guy a while back as take a listen every now and then. Not sure If he uses "jazzy" chords, can't remember a ton of his songs, but he does use a lot of different types of chords, check out the song "Junk Bond Trader", it's cool.
    They call them fingers, but I never see them fing.

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    Sep 2004
    elliot smith was a great musican....steely dan is good for what your looking for, as for Mayer im not a huge fan but think he holds down what he does well...check SRV... tons of mayers sound is a direct pickup of SRV.
    Marshall Tucker is great as well...and i can think of a ton of stuff but its more jazz rock fusion than anything closer to Mayer. Mostly instumental

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