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Thread: Remembering Repitiore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arpetude
    a while back you recomended a book by J.J. Fux that Bach himself had studied. i went to my music local store and ordered it. unfortunetly i got a phone call 2 weeks later 'sorry, it's out of print'. aparently the book teaches techniques to make improvisasion sound 'pre-composed'! maybe thats how Bach composed literally composed thousands of pieces. maybe someone was just recording him improvising alot lol.
    You can still buy "The Study Of Counterpoint" by JJ Fux on Amazon.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arpetude
    but your idea of learning the theory WHILE learning the piece may aid in the development of learning/remembering the piece.
    Dude, I have wholeheartedly beleived that for Half of my life! I began studying theory when I was 21. (42 now) Unfortunately, then there were no websites to learn from. This place is great because you can really learn from a person, what it took decades, in the right thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arpetude
    oh as a side note.


    looks like this guy performs the piece on guitar. although i can't seem to buffer the mp3 and no 'save target as..' can be selected. he manages to stretch it to 10 minutes .
    cool, i still don't think its as full a sound as intended, but still cool. the link was only a 2 min clip, how did you get the 10 min version? Also I believe theres a second guitar in there helping him fill out the larger chords that are in the piece.

    Do you know where I can hear a fingerstyle acoustic version of the song?
    They call them fingers, but I never see them fing.

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    was that guy not fingerstyle?

    i wouldn't know the mp3 link does not work for me. but if he does not make it sound 'full' (altho how are you supposed to play 1 melody line and make it sound like 2 i don't know) then i probably won't make it sound 'full' if that guy can't.......unless i grow more arms. still think it holds value in both performace and analysis for guitar players, alex masi seemed to think so and made it a lead track on his album. the performance lasts 10 minutes but the mp3 only shows 2 minutes (according to you, it does not work for me )

    cheers Los Boleros,

    i think from now on i will start anylising pieces AS i learn them to improve memory. in fact will do it tonight. i have NEVER really done this before (usually after i have learned to play it)

    this is how i analyse.

    i write down the notes + relate it to the key and find what mode is being used. and when it comes to arps i write down the notes and find out where they are derived from.

    is this okay?

    oh yeah, about the j.j. fux book. i was gonna say that i will buy a 'used' one from amazon soon.

    i have decided it would be a good idea for me to learn it all then start a whole new thread dedicated to this composistion, so we can analyse the whole piece and see what we can learn from the master.

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