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Thread: Sweeping Sorrow

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    Sweeping Sorrow

    I have a little problem with my sweeping that I'm wondering if anybody else is having.

    My sweeping has been coming on leaps and bounds recently but there is something troubling me. If we had a lick like this:


    When I play that lick, when I remove my finger from the D note (7th fret G string) the open G string rings out loudly, as if I've pulled off from it. I've had this problem for a while now, and have no other muting or excess sound problems from my sweeping apart from this. Even if I just play that note on it's own, and remove my finger, the open string rings somewhat loudly. I don't think it has anything to do with fretting the strings to strongly for even if I play the note with just enough pressure needed for the note to ring through clearly, it still rings through when I take the fretting finger off. Any tips or advice?


    EDIT: I am a complete donut. Moments after posting this I discovered a somewhat easy way to use my right hand to mute the string whilst still allowing the note to ring through enough to sound good well. Ignore this.
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    I was just going to post a question exactly the same as yours. I am fine with every finger but the ring. If you look at you ring finger do you see the piece of skin on the opposite side of the nail, do you see how it protrudes outwards? Thats your problem! As you take your finger off the string thats what is rubbing the string on the way off the string...damn human hands...arrggghh! However what I have noticed is that if you position this piece od skin slightly over the string you can bypass the problem, the only thing is that Im having to practice this slowly to get used to the adjustment.

    I was also going to ask about Malmsteens sweeping tech. How does he sweep. Its difficult to get a good shot at his tech.

    hope I helped a bit

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    Once you learn the 3-string major arpeggio sweep then other three string patterns become alot easier to sweep such as the minor, diminished and augmented 3-string sweeps. For example:


    As you can see once you ge the major shape down with a little more practice you can get the others.
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