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Thread: Hello from Classical Musician

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    Dec 2004

    Hello from Classical Musician

    Greetings all!

    I am pleased to have found this forum by accident, when checking my website statistics. A search for finger independence drills linked to a post in here and also, brought up my website. If anyone wishes music information and/or advice, please feel free to ask. Best Wishes, Adam www.craneclassical.com

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    Apr 2004
    Welcome! I am glad to see more classical musicians. Although I also dig metal, I play and respect classical music/guitar. I've recently started to read rimsky korsakoff's (sp?) famous book, I may have some questions soon Welcome again to IBM.
    "Beauty is the ultimate defense against complexity."
    - David Gelernter [Machine Beauty (1998)]

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    Heya, welcome ot the forums. Catch ya posting!

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