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Thread: Another tune for the Cafe...

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    Registered User JohnJumper's Avatar
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    Aug 2004
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    Another tune for the Cafe...

    I recorded another tune for my Chistmas CD for my family. This is pretty mellow and is, again, mostly whistle and un-distorted guitar. I am not sure I like the ending on this so I may need to rework it. I used my Burke D and my Low D whistle which I cannot think of the brand name right now... The intent here was to create a Christmas Melody ... that is why the bells are in it... Very mellow... I named it "The Child the Way and the World"...


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    Sweetest of the bees sugarbee's Avatar
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    This is really really beautiful, I love the bells and when the guitar comes in it just fills the sound out so well. And the low register on your whistle is so warm and rich, you have a beautiful tone it almost sounds like a flute in some spots. It's oerfect for christmas music. There is also some really great harmony/counter melody stuff. Wow. I really like this one. Would you mind if I kept a copy on my computer?

    A definite listening pleasure, keep em coming man.

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    Please note that with the closure of the "show & tell" forum, the move is towards only posting clips or links to songs in an instructional context. Users are more than welcome to post clips to demonstrate a technique or to ask specific questions but we ask that you back them up with tabs/notation/harmonic analysis rather than posting for general feedback.

    The rules have also been amended in this regard, rule #7, http://www.ibreathemusic.com/forums/forumrules.php#7

    This thread has been closed.


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