wasnt an appropriate place to post this so i thought ill post it here. I dont necessarily have a problem with technique as such. I have yet to pick up and play a guitar that feels just right. I own a les paul and a stat. The strat's action is too high and the les pauls neck is too bulky! Although i prefer the Les paul over all i prefer a small bodied guitar with a thin neck and low action. Can anyone help me out here as this is starting to hinder my progress especially with sweep picking, it just doesnt feel right.
I was looking at a Peter Reed Smith custom 24, it looks pretty good in the picture, thin in the body and the neck is pretty thin in looks. But i would like your opinion on this one please. What do you recommennd that i try out and get? I also was looking at the Ibanez JS1000, ive played quite a few Ibanez guitars that felt really crap in the neck department, is this any different?

Thankyou for your time
warm regards
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