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Thread: Technique V. Equipment

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    Unhappy Technique V. Equipment

    wasnt an appropriate place to post this so i thought ill post it here. I dont necessarily have a problem with technique as such. I have yet to pick up and play a guitar that feels just right. I own a les paul and a stat. The strat's action is too high and the les pauls neck is too bulky! Although i prefer the Les paul over all i prefer a small bodied guitar with a thin neck and low action. Can anyone help me out here as this is starting to hinder my progress especially with sweep picking, it just doesnt feel right.
    I was looking at a Peter Reed Smith custom 24, it looks pretty good in the picture, thin in the body and the neck is pretty thin in looks. But i would like your opinion on this one please. What do you recommennd that i try out and get? I also was looking at the Ibanez JS1000, ive played quite a few Ibanez guitars that felt really crap in the neck department, is this any different?

    Thankyou for your time
    warm regards
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    sounds like you need to get your strat setup, the action can be relatively low on those, but beyond that, what guitar should you get? The purple polka dotted one w/ the green Zebra stripes. In all honesty bro, go to your local guitar shop, pick em up, and try em, if you like em and its not a cheap guitar meaning if you pay more than around 400 (this isn't true in all cases) your going to be fine. Play what you enjoy, if your really worried about it check out www.harmonycentral.com for user reviews, but read these w/ a grain of salt. Good luck and best wishes

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    I don't know why some people find Ibanez guitars boring? If it's ok for you, you can check Ibanez guitars cause their making that kind of neck on their guitars...
    "You have a blue guitar, you don't play things as they are"

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    Please note that iBreatheMusic does not support gear questions (See the announcemnet at http://www.ibreathemusic.com/forums/...cement.php?f=2)

    We recommend www.harmony-central.com for detailed gear reviews and discussions.

    This thread has been closed.

    Please don't email or send me private messages with music related questions as they will be ignored. Rather use the forums for this and I will try my best to take part as much as I can.

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