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Thread: I don't know

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    I don't know

    ok I am trying out new amps to buy and today I tried a MESA BOOGIE Triple Rectifier, the double and the single and they ALL sucked for heavy, clean crunch. I could get a half way descent crunch out of them but then all the notes sounded dirty. Even they guys at the music store agreed and couldn't get a good heavy tone out of it. I thought those amps were supposed to be good for that. I was using my new Ibanez Prestigue RG 2570EX with Dimarzio/IBZ pick-ups and I even used a Jackson with Seymour Duncans. I get better tone out of my 100 watt peavey combo.
    Can anyone suggest any amps to try out for good cleran heavy tone? I don't mean a clean channel I mean clean crunchy distortion that doesn't sound like an outhouse.

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    Good Mesa/Boogie tone comes from the Triaxis preamp. To get good clean tone I would suggest an Egl Powerball or Fireball. Possibly a Peavy XXX. Good luck.
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    I love the rectifiers. They have a good crunch while still remaining defined, and can be knocked up into high saturation for good solos. The problem you are almost definitely encountering is that you played the amp through a cabinet with NEW speakers, which is going to make it sound like crap. I just got a Mesa Tradtional Recto 4x12 cab about two weeks ago and it's taken that long for it to really open up.

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