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Thread: How do you set up a floating bridge?

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    Sep 2004

    How do you set up a floating bridge?

    Hey people... I've got an ibanez RG with a floyd rose bridge. The problem is that if i use it, it doesn't go back to it's central position and puts the guitar slightly out of tune...

    How would you fix the problem? anybody?

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    Aug 2004

    Tech section.
    Ibanez S470

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    Sep 2002
    Maryland USA
    www.jemsite.com tech section, if the previous post's tech section doesn't work.

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    Sep 2004
    Thanks heaps people...

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    Sep 2004
    hey john,
    i am not an ace guitarist,
    but lokks like the spring inside your floydrose is malfunctioning. check it out and let me know!

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