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Thread: Any good Spanish guitar songs or atrists?

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    Any good Spanish guitar songs or atrists?

    I'm wondering if there's any good spanish guitar songs or artists that would be good to listen and to help me improve my skills as a musician. I've gotten really into the spanish guitar songs I've listened to lately but I don't know were to look for more. As a matter of fact what are good classical guitarist to listen to also? If anybody has a good list of musicians to listen to that would help alot.

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    Well, you would definitely want to look at pieces by composers such as Agustin Barrios-Mangore, Issac Albeniz, Fernando Sor, or Francisco Tarrega. My Favorite is definitely Barrios. If you are looking for some excellent contemporary pieces on classical guitar then you should look for works by Carlo Domeniconi or Andrew York, to name a couple.

    As far as awesome classical guitar playing, as opposed to composing, you would do well to check out anything by John Williams, Julian Bream, Andres Segovia, Liona Boyd or David Russell. All of these players do their own interpretations of works written by composers in the above list, and many others.

    If you are looking for classical guitar sheet music then check out www.classicalguitar.nl . That site is my main source of classical guitar sheet music. A nice guy from the Netherlands named Joost runs this site.

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