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Thread: Best overall electric guitar company?

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    Registered User Jackson Action's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    I'm not knocking the strat (after all, it's the guitar all Ibanez/Jackson etc are based on) or your opinion- I love that guitar, and have had the priveledge to own three of them during my playing days (for instance my second guitar was a Jap and it was a breath of fresh air after the piece of crap I'd been playing up until then).

    It's just that... well, take my main guitar- locking trem, two s/cs and a coil-tapped H/B- I can get that strat tone via the extra tones provided by the tap, but the strat lacks that humbucker punch (in it's standard configuaration, of course).

    Is the strat an image thing to some people? I'm curious.

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    Lv. 16 Metal-Mage brianhitscar's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    New Jersey
    I recently went to a Dave Phillip's Music and Sound nearby my house and started trying out guitars. I don't normally like Fender too much, but I really enjoyed the Telecaster Deluxe Series. But I still go with Ibanez usually, their S Series is great, and after you get used to the maintenance of a Floyd Rose bridge, it's almost heaven. I love the feel of the neck, Gibsons were always a little too round for me, Ibanez makes the neck a bit more slender and it's just easier on the wrist.

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    Registered User Jackson Action's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    I've tried a few Ibanez guitars recently, and was impressed, but the price puts me off... in the uk you wouldn't get much change out of 2000 for a decent JEM- that roughly translates as what? $3500 or thereabouts!!!

    When you consider that the SG I just bought was less than half that... it's a lot of dough!

    You guys in the states don't know youv'e been born, price-wise! I often buy Guitar World and get jealous of the prices in the ads!

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    Virtuoso guitarmaster03's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    Herndon, VA
    i'd say gibsons are very nice and you get a good wah feeling specially from Slash's sig model. but for nice all out soloing type material go for eddie van halen's kramer models. those have the real specs that eddie used on his original Striker model.
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