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Thread: Eruption......On violin.....

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    Registered User GtrvVampyre's Avatar
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    Mar 2004

    Eruption......On violin.....


    There yah have it, eruption on violin. Pretty awesome if you ask me but the tapping bit erks my nerves and i hate how it sounds. Still an awesome sight.
    Keeping in mind violin is much harder than guitar........
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    Registered User Unhorizon's Avatar
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    Sep 2003
    Pretty cool, but I'll choose the guitar version over that any day. It sounded clean and looked cool, it doesn't sound nearly as good on a violin as it does on a guitar (probably because it was written for guitar!) Props to the guy in the video though.
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    Goodbye T.P.S. tinsmith's Avatar
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    Aug 2004
    That was awesome!!! Not as crazy as hearing Ragamuffin on the steel drums though.

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    passionately calm
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    Aug 2004
    meh I've seen it before. He does a great job of emulating the guitar tone, tapping, which is probably the best, is sloppy, but for a violin the tone was horrible
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    Registered User Swift Fellow's Avatar
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    Aug 2004
    Yeah, I agree with AyKay, for a violin the tone was horrible. At parts it was allright, but generally horrible. And as Unhorizon said, it simply wasn't written for the violin....

    Nevertheless, impressive, fun and always nice to see that Rock 'n' Roll spirit put to use.
    - Swift Fellow -

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    Registered User davidvanhalen's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2004
    it was ok in my opinion, some parts weren't exactly right but he got his point trough; eruption can be played on the violin, and that, if you ask me it's a pretty good acomplishment
    man, there's some guy who can play eruption on the violin and i can't even do it on the guitar Hidden Content

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