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Thread: the plectrum question

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    Jun 2004

    the plectrum question

    I've been taught and it's becomming increasinly obvious that the only pick which will ever work, for almost everyone, is the jazz3. However, I'm been looking on the net at picks that are made of ebony or bone. They look pretty pointy and are definately tough enough, but expensive. Does anyone know anything about these picks. Are they worth the money. Check out:

    ebay.co.uk - search for ebony pick/bone pick/horn pick

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    Apr 2004
    Just try out some picks, buy a lot of different ones and choose the one that is the best for YOU. Don't be worried about what other people say
    "You don't fill somebody's shoes, you come with your own shoes and kick the door down!!!" - Zakk Wylde

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    Dec 2003
    Not trying to look down on anyone!

    Might wanna consider some alternatives that arent made out of some sort of animal product. Yes, I am a hypocrite...

    There cant be a best pick can there? I mean everyone has a different thumb, palm, finger size, some of my friends say they cant stand thick picks, I dont understand were they are coming from but they swear by thin ones. Have a nice day.

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    Feb 2004
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    After someone told me that the electric guy/gals like the thin picks and the acoustic guys/gals like the thick picks I found the Jazz 3 pick. Settled on the Jazz 2, for my self.

    Point I'm making has to do with the thin for electric and thick for acoustic.

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    In Love With Fusion Priest Becker's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Englewood Florida
    Well im an electric player i prefer thick cause not only do they not break if your a hard player i find thier easyer to controll cause thier not floppin around everywere. If it helps any take a look at some of the more experienced players in your field of music see what is most often uesd and try that out after all if worst comes to worst you can always buy another pick cheep if thats not the size for you. But the last thing i would do is spend alot of money on picks cause they do eventualy break unless your looking for something more for ornimental type thing

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