I dont know whether Im the only person this has happened to or not so I thought I would suss it out.
I have been playing guitar now for 3, almost 4 years. I have played in a hard rock band for one of those years, in my churchs band also for one of those years.

Over this last year I have taken my guitar playing much more seriously, actually practicing slowly, cleanly along with a metronome at a speed where I dont make any mistakes, every now and again speeding up the metronome to see if I can make any improvements. I practice evenly on both picking and legato, my practice usually goes for between an hour and 2 and a half a day. I have only started doing this over the last year, prior I would just play along with songs.

Here's the problem. I can admit I now have a better sense of scales, what key Im in, chord progressions etc etc..... but I have not improved on my speed at all!!!! not one increase in bpm on any one excercise, left or right hand.

This is absolutely driving me insane. Im not one of those guys obsessed with speed, or tone for that matter, I would just like to see some improvement in my playing so I can make up some more creative pieces of music, as well as being able to play some more challenging ones.

Has anyone ever had this problem?? Im just losing my mind over this. I love playing guitar, but when you think about it its alot of hours to just have no speed increase at all.