OK, some of the members have met in the IRC-channel already.
Last week, Koala created a really cool chat room which has some neat Java-tools and doesn┤t require any IRC-program to log in. ( it┤s not an IRC-chat )
The room is always open, here┤s the URL:


So if you┤re in there and you feel like chatting, simply post a quick message in this thread. Hopefully, we┤ll get to a point where there are people in there constantly... would be a nice extra-addition to the forums.
This is not an OFFICIAL chat though, Guni and Clive don┤t have anything to do with it ( those guys have way too much stuff to do anyway, right now ), but I think it┤s awesoem that Koala created this space for the members to chat...
So check it out...