And three, and four... here I go, and i dont know why:

I have been thinking lately, that being music an abstract art, what makes a melody or a song something good?
Appart from taste, what are really the ingredients of a catchy tune, or an enjoyable solo. Why is bach so damn good? why do i felt like melting when i hear chopin? why does my head start to bang with some Malmsteen tunes? why does some music is appealing to you and you and you?
The beggining of this, is that i am trying to write music.. everyday... and I dont get any pleasure from what i write... except for one or two pieces.
I think that a good standard is try to acomplish something one likes.

I dont think inspiration is divine.. or if it is, could someone that has expereiced it tell me how it is?

Music being a language, how do acomplish poetry?