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Thread: System Of A Down- Aerials

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    System Of A Down- Aerials

    Hi there...

    wow, slowly I see a tendency here... a while ago I posted my TAB of the "Blurry"-Intro ( Puddle Of Mudd ), this time it´s about a song by System Of A Down.
    Yeah, well, I recently have been listening to "Aerials" a lot, and I do like the song quite a bit. I especially like the guitar parts, they´re pretty low and really heavy IMHO.
    So I tabbed out that clean intro.
    You need a really low tuning to play it in the original key... the guitar is tuned to a dropped D-tuning, one whole step down ( that would be: C-G-C-F-A-D, lowest to highest string ).
    You might have to put some heavy strings onto your guitar.
    Or just tune down your low E-String a full step and play the thing as seen in the TAB. It will just be a whole step higher than the recording.
    Here we go... it´s pretty simple...

    Hope you´ll like it
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