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Thread: sites like guitarwar

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    Apr 2003

    sites like guitarwar

    i always check out the public acces area of these sites, there are some players that make me want to stop playing, does anyone here take part in these online competitions? i think its a realy good way to develope your playing and musical skill... by the way, im not employed in any way by any one of these sites hehe

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    Registered User SeattleRuss's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    Seattle, WA
    I think that sites like these and guitar "battles" in general, while giving guitarists incentive to improve, at least mechanically, can be a good thing for raising the bar technique-wise, on the whole I think the whole competitive thing is a detriment to guitarists. You will notice that for the most part, the winners of these sorts of "cutting heads" duals are usually the fastest and most accurate. I think this sends the wrong message to guitarists, especially beginers, who see that fast=great- reducing the art of making music to the level of a video game.
    I can tell you about a friend of mine, an MI graduate, a fine player who actually quit in the mid '90s because he felt he couldn't compete on this type of playing field. He had become so depressed because he couldn't quite shred to the level of the boys on Shrapnel Records. It's only been in the last few years that he woke up and started to play again - that's the sort of effect that "competitive" playing can have.


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    Ibreathe Music Advisor EricV's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    Yeah, I think itīs a matter of getting motivated vs. getting frustrated. I always consider it extremely motivating to watch and listen to some amazing player.
    I never go "Oh my god, he is so amazing. I am not worthy. Iīll quit".
    So I let that motivate me, instead of getting frustrated or depressed. It makes me wanna work harder, try to play the cool lick the guy I was watching played etc.
    I also like to TELL people when I think theyīre great players / performers / songwriters. Cuz I know it feels great to have someone tell you something like that.
    A lot of people donīt ever care to do so. Or they think "Gee, what a show-off".
    I donīt know, matter of how you deal with stuff like that

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    Registered User Shaman_Santana's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    London, England
    I can see SeattleRuss' point about things like that providing incentive to build technique etc, but i really dont like the idea of music and competition. At my college there's a lot of 'battle of the bands' type things, where guys can stand up there on stage - perform a great perice of music and then feel let down and dissapointed at the end because they diddn't win - despite the fact that they had performed something which they should be proud of. I prefer to just appreciate music when i hear it. If someone is serious about their music, then their music is a personal statement from them. I dont see why anyone should judge that and say who's is more valid then the other, were all different and we all have somthing different to say - some wont like it, and some will.

    Anyways im rabling. Thats just my view. I will say though that the 'battle of the bands' type things often are quite entertaining - maybe its the competetion that adds to that - peoples will to win that inspires em to play better. I dunno, but personally music compettions are not for me.
    "The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart.
    The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace."

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    The Next big thing the1andonly's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    I do post on Guitarbattle occasionally and had like 60 songs posted on Guitarwar. they do have some good sides and bad.

    *Get to talk and interact with other guitarists (well, i guess you kinda get that here too)
    *a chance to get your music heard
    *A chance to get insightful feedback on your music and find ways you can improve.
    *It can be fun, if you don't take it seriously and remember its just a game.

    *the competitive aspect can lead to hurt feelings and frustration
    *it does seem like in most places tired old boring shred will win over something fresh, exciting, or melodicial. it does kind of mess with perception of music. that's why sometimes i might write a "war piece" for these sites, that i'm not too crazy about but i think it would do good on a site like one of those.
    *there are people every once in a while who are just gonna be *******s.

    overall, they're a pretty neat idea, and I still post on guitarbattle, not to be competitive, but just to get feedback on my music and see what other people think. I've always wanted their to be a site where it wasn't competition, just people posting music and other people giving feedback. maybe we could start a new forum here for something like that.

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