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Thread: Piano music - Voicing versus ties

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    Piano music - Voicing versus ties

    Ties v Voice-page-0.jpgHello
    As you can see, I haven't quite got image sizing sorted yet.
    I have written a couple of bars of piano music, where I amseeking advice on the best way to display the notes.
    In standard 4/4 time, I would normally use a minim on thethird beat of the treble clef (1st bar) with an extra voice for the last B. I have alsoseen this written as tied notes, as in the second bar.
    I have always tried to avoid tied notes, unless of coursethere is ambiguity where the beat lies. In this case, using a minim, I see noambiguity.
    Any comments or advice greatly appreciated.
    many thanks

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    I think the first measure is easier to read. You are just adding a fourth voice on the last beat so you may want a half-rest preceding the quarter rest at the top of the treble clef. Else you could just write it like in the second measure with the last notes sharing the same stem. Normally in piano writing the number of (played) voices isn't fixed. Your second beat also drops a voice.

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    thanks TTW for your reply. I agree that bar no 1 is easier to read, so I will take that route.

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    we have to it stages wise

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