Hi folks. Was wondering if anyone was up to helping me with the harmony of this song. There is a part of it I am trying to analyze and I kind of get it but would like someone elses input please. I will attach the notation and the midi file so you can hear the segment yourself and don't have to fork out the song. (Please note that the bassline in my version is right, the one in the music notation is different to what is played in the song, not sure why but it is.)

So, when I hear this, it sounds like a "line cliche" to me especially since if you look at the bass line it doesn't change until the last bar of the 4 bar sequence. My questions about this are:

1) Is it worth even analyzing the chords in this sequence or are all the chords some version of C#minor and should this be seen as a "line cliche"? (the notation clearly labels the chords as C#min13, A, B 6/9 and Badd9 so would a simplified chord progression of this be C#min, A, B7, B7?
2) Wouldn't it be better to leave the root A note from the second chord as well as the root B from the B 6/9 and Badd9 chords so that the bass line doesn't compete with them? (I mean it doesn't clash but from an arrangement point of view, wouldn't it sound cleaner without the root notes of the acoustics guitar or just leaving the C# in the root?) I have added a midi file so you can listen to this and then try remove the low notes leaving the C# as the root across all chords, to me it sounds more like what is playing on the record but I could be wrong

thanks and hope to hear back soon!