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Thread: Please Help Me Write This Out

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    Apr 2016

    Please Help Me Write This Out

    There is an "Easy Listening" orchestral track called Soul Coaxing by Raymond Lefevre. (On you tube) I have been trying to write out the introduction but cannot grasp either the time signature or the rhythm of the intro. All I need is the first three bars and I will be able to carry on.

    These first notes of the intro are, in C Major: C-E-G-C- E G

    I would be grateful for just the first few bars say an attachment on ms paper, please do not go to too much trouble.


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    Apr 2016
    Thank you so much Motherlode, but it seems so simple now and yet I didn't get it. Perhaps I am just no good at this. The one I did on Musescore seemed to work
    when you pressed play, the sound that is, but did not look right.

    Very best to you.


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    learned something here

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