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Thread: Finding the Chords to a song?

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    Finding the Chords to a song?

    Hey guys,
    Ive watched and read different takes on finding chords and after trying them I find that its very hard to find the chords still.
    Would you guys be willing to share how you go about finding the first 5 chords at the start of the song, What the chords are and the steps you take in figuring out the chords?
    For example... 1) Find key 2).....


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    As motherlode's worked example shows, you need trial and error and musicianship. The musicianship helps narrow the field within which you perform your trial, and reduces the number of errors.

    Musicianship is ear training (intervals and chord progressions) and notation (which might be less relevant for your purposes). Therefore you need to invest time in these areas (for which there are a lot resources and time-proven approaches around) and not think about 'finding chords to a song' as a thing in itself, but an application of a bigger discipline.


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    if you have a melody then its easy. follow the harmonic blocks of the melody, or substitute them (Dm instead of F for ex). personally if i have a melody harmonic section in Aminor for example my choices for chords are: Am(same),C(substitution),F(the melody is an extension and the chord is the root),Dm(same as in F's case). i can get weird and put the melody as the root like placing a Em chord. chord progressions are different, they can make sense even if some chords in the middle of it are unrelated to the melody on top. the ear is very forgiving. you should take into consideration the sum of these 2 parts (chord+melody notes), they can form interesting harmonies.
    if you dont have a melody then go write it first.

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