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Thread: Why are certain chords/interval pleasant?

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    Why are certain chords/intervals pleasant?

    Greetings! New here on the forum.

    I have a life long interest in music, and for a while i've felt the need to take a (deep) dive into music theory.

    Right now i am trying to wrap my head around the phenomenology of consonance/dissonance. More specifically i'm trying to understand why certain chords/harmonies are more pleasant than others to an individual (I'm not trying to make any sort of universal claims regarding what's pleasant). Since i don't have any formal education i'd really appreciate input from others.

    As far as i understand this far consonance, dissonance and how we perceive these as pleasant or not depends on several factors:
    - The relationship between physical frequencies, i. e. pitch ratios
    - Subjectivity (or taste for lack of better words), in turn depending on
    - Tradition, repetition, familiarity and/or habit

    I assume there is more to add to the equation, so more elaboration or input would be really appreciated... Let me know what you think!
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