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Thread: Modal Pentatonics

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    Did I say that out loud ? joeyd929's Avatar
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    Apr 2006

    Modal Pentatonics

    Your thoughts on modal pentatonics...?

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    Registered User ragasaraswati's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    They're great! The obvious ones are the Dorian pentatonic (M2, P4, P5, m7) and Mixolydian pentatonic (M2, P4, P5, M6) that are modes of the the Major pentatonic. You hear them alot in some traditional Greek songs. They lack a third so they sound open and calm.
    Then there are the Japanese semitonic pentatonics of which my favorite is the (m2, P4, P5, m7) phrygian-like one, I think it's called Hirajoshi. It's used in the beginning of this duet between Paul Gilbert and his wife:

    Then there is the "Indian pentatonic" as Guthrie Govan calls it, (M3, P4, P5, m7), common in Sitar music. Play it descending and you get insta-summer-vibe!

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    Hi Ragasaraswati,

    It's great when musicians try to help each other out,

    thanks for your efforts !

    please make sure the information you are telling other musicians is correct,

    I refer you to an excellent article by one of our own IBreatheMusic experts Eric Vanderberg about Modal Pentatonics

    check it out it's very informative
    "Success is arriving at a Personal Satisfaction within yourself"

    Dedicated To Guitar!!!

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    It is a natural minor pentatonic scale. That scale is very common in modern music and is used in most leads today.

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    I think they are great!

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    Sioux Falls South Dakota
    I was studying with Bruce Arnold and he mentioned that there are 38 possible pentatonic scales times 5 modes. I was wondering if anyone knows of any books (Beside Arnold's "Sonic Resource Guide" which lists them and what chords they work over) that show you how to use all of those pentatonics in a musical situation or gives exercises to learn them?

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