I'm currently on the hunt for a local electric guitar tutor. I've seen a couple that seem quite interesting, and teach alternative/rock/punk which are the genres I'm interested in, but I have no idea what I should really be looking for.

I'm 28 and most definitely a "beginner" and, whilst I have a vague notion of what chords and such are, I am in need of physical instruction to locate them correctly with my little, clumsy fingers.

I like the idea of working on theory too, but are gradings necessary? I aim to be a proficient guitarist in order to understand composition, to compose my own songs and to execute those compositions to the best of my ability. And I understand this will take a lot of time and dedication. But what do 'gradings' bring to this? Is it purely a certificate that says I am qualified to do those things, but I'd learn them anyway (if I reach those skill levels)?

What other things should I be looking for/be aware of when looking for a tutor?

Thanks for your time!