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Thread: What I learn from

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    What I learn from

    Hi guys back with another thread. I am speaking on today about what I took notice of an Alex Hutchings video. I seen him play the major scale and minor scale just like everyone else does. But when it comes down to it I never even heard of him use that particular scale. He's good at improvising. And that is what struck me that he practice improvising over chords or chord progression. He doesnt get caught up in the hype of playing scales. I wonder why? Maybe it can sound generic and dull sometimes

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    I this wanted to say that so many guys get caught up in running up and down the scale when improvising that it creates a sound that is dull and generic. And I mightest well be honest here and be the one to admit that I fall into the category by all means sometimes. But now that is when I realized I must practice on improvising over chords and chord progression as I had heard Alex Huthchings say in a video not too recently. He said that many people try to improvise over the bigger and more complex chord progressions. But he said before you can learn how to improvise over that try improvising over a B major chord or simple chords and chord progressions and see what kind of ideas you can have written down. That is when I realized that my playing been missing sort of like a piece of the puzzle. Anyway, back to practice!

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