I had this series going strong from 2002 until a few years back when Tinfoil went under. But now, I've started my own on-line magazine, Skinny Devil Magazine, and am in the process of re-posting ALL the original interviews (all 50+ of them - current posted interviews include Steve Lukather, Jason Becker, Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Stevens, Muriel Anderson, Nuno Bettencourt, Greg Howe, Marty Friedman, Preston Reed, Billy Sheehan, Michael Hedges, Jennifer Batten, and more!).....

PLUS the last 2 that never made it to publication due to Tinfoil's untimely death (Dave Martone and Frank Marino).....

....AND I've already touched base with more folks for the series (beginning on some follow-up interviews with several of the original interviewees).

We housed at blogspot while I get the hang of things, then we'll likely migrate back over to my current host and use Joomla or similar.

So again - for those of you interested - from unknown gurus to Grammy winners, the "Guitar Gods" interview series:


Enjoy...and pease feel free to comment at the stories and share with your friends!