Iím trying to learn chords up the neck and I have some questions I need confirmed. Firstly the purpose of the capo is so you donít have to learn new chord shapes up the neck, you just play the same ones as first position correct? So letís say I want to move past this, the next step up would be learning to play chords up the neck with no capo however this is going to require learning all the fretboard notes, so in essence new chords at every position? For example if I want to play C at second position (5th fret?) I would find C E G so like playing an A chord but on the fifth fret would be a C chord, also does the root note have to be lowest?

So if someone was looking to become proficient with this they would have to sit down and figure out new chord shapes at every fret for every chord and practice them, is there a better system than this?

Thanks a lot