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Thread: Getting the most out of a guitar teacher

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    Getting the most out of a guitar teacher

    I recently started taking guitar lessons again. I'm not liking this guy nearly as much as my last teacher before I moved. He is teaching me some good stuff, but sometimes he frustrates me. My main source of frustration is when he give me lessons that I can in noway see is going to get me to my goals. I feel like he's not very well prepared, and he forgets my skill level and goals (he has probably 30 students). With my last teacher, I felt like after every lesson I was just filled with a sense of what I could be doing better, and felt enlightened. With this guy, it's better than if I were doing it on my own, but that's about the most I could say.

    But, he is a very good guitarist. He has some strong points that I really like. I've occasionally brought up my frustrations with him. I don't want to totally change the way he teaches me. Who's more qualified to teach how he plays than him? At the same time, who's more qualified to speak to how I learn than me?

    I'd like to keep working with this guy, and resolve our teaching/learning differences before I would just quit him. What have you guys done to improve private lessons, or would you say it's just a matter of finding the 'right' teacher?
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