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Thread: Singing

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    Nov 2011


    Is it okay to drink green tea during my singing practice? Just lately, I notice I keep on drinking with my favorite Matcha green tea while singing. It makes me feel at ease but I don't know if there's any effect with my voice or throat. Does anyone here tried it?

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    Keeping the vocal cords moist always helps. The affect of green tea, is not in my realm of expertise.

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    Hi Pedring,
    Yes you can have green tea as green tea is great for health. Green tea boost our immune system and reduce the risk of tooth decay, influenza, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer disease. Green tea is anti aging and promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.

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    Green tea is neither good nor bad for singing exercises. It keeps the throat moist just as any liquid does
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    Any herbal teas are actually perfect! My singing tutor always had a selection of herbals when I went too. Just make sure you're not drinking it when it's scoulding hot.

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