People in this forum seem to like shred a lot. but I dont know if you guys are tired of the same old licks and techniques like i am. if you guys like shred you guys should check stanley jordan the first jazz shredder the guy rips his licks and touch tap technique is scary i just cant belive nobody has writin an article on him, the man sounds like the whole band (check out his version of stairway to heaven WOW!) im 15 and have been playin for 2 years but can play classics like frenzy by paul gilbert kick it all over by greg howe and go off by cacophony. i was having so much fun with these songs and playing em for people but since my first year of playin i started to invent my own techniques (which at the time did not know that stanley jordan already did em till a year later) like harmonizing licks using one guitar and long and fast legato lines using all four fingers and both hands over the neck. but then i heard stanley jordan i was blown away. i understand what hes doing but have no idea how to use his technique or his licks, and i would really like if some one or somebody at ibreathe could make an article on him( eric v im sure can do it better than anyone can)

shred is not dead!!!!!